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  1. I think the combat could be better. :/
  2. When I try to counter an enemy by while punching another even if I press y it doesn't counter most of the time. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. I just got the game and it freezes while it loads does this happen to anybody else?
  4. Is the BAWSAQ down for everyone? Ever since online was released it has been down. Does anybody know if it will ever work?
  5. Is the stock trading buggy for anyone else? All my BAWSAQ stocks are always at 0, and the markets are always down for maintenance with Michael. Is this happening to anyone else?
  6. I hope so. That's the best part of the game in my opinion.
  7. I was wondering if anybody knew if you could plan your own heists outside of the main story?
  8. I'm looking for people who want to play the story coop on elite difficulty. Mics would be appreciated!!
  9. How do you save your game? Is it autosave or what?
  10. I need to boost all the mp achievements for GTA 4. GT: Warfighter1000
  11. I am on right now looking to boost the laser and shield achievements. GT: Warfighter1000
  12. I am looking to do pretty much all the MP achievements.
  13. I need two crimson achievements.. add me and we can do this tonight.
  14. Looking to boost "didnt see it comin" and "bird of prey" right now.
  15. Looking to boost all Crimson Map Pack achievements ASAP. GT: Warfighter1000
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