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  1. I got my 9th one today . The luck set-up seems to work fine with Legion, but for Beelzebub's soul you need 39 raw luck(No Ebisu,or thief rings)
  2. I have 358 kills on Legion and I have a total of 8 souls ; I just need the last one to finish it. My set-up is : Maxed out Dead Warrior(9) Royal Crown Three 7's Sonic Boots Ebisu Raiment Thief ring x2 What am I doing wrong? When I started I had only 4 Legion souls and 223-224 kills on Legion. I was able to get three souls in Single player hard,and get one playing with a friend. But, now I'm at 358 kills and can't seem to get the last soul and I don't know what to do
  3. It looks like it's coming out on Xbox Live Games on Demand September 20th, and Code: Veronica is coming out 7 days after RE4 comes out on Xbox Live. http://ps3.ign.com/articles/118/1183773p1.html
  4. I got my first Valmanway + 1 a couple days ago while helping my friend get a weapon glyph scroll on chapter 10. But,that was on kill 66 I believe. Anyways, I've been trying to get my second solo since one of my friends got his second one of his solo runs,but all I seem to get with 56 luck with Soma is 4 star drops...I'm on kill 102 now :/ I feel like giving up :/ Any help?
  5. I played the demo, and I have to say I liked it. But, I'm curious if the retail game would be an easy enjoyable 1000 ? Any thoughts ? PS: The puzzles were kinda annoying, but they got me to thinking! Plus, every time I got to the "Nightmare" world. I wanted to finish it to see the real world!
  6. I've been playing Castlevania HD with friends, and I've enjoyed it. But, I was thinking yesterday " I wonder if my favorite xbox community website friends needed some help or if they wanted to farm certain levels?" So, here I am willing to help anyone who needs it. May it be Dracula's tunic to Miser rings I am willing to help out my fellow community members GamerTag : x410xDragon Just add me and we'll farm until we can't farm NO MORE!! Lol
  7. I have yet to play DOS! I've played Portrait of Ruin(Dracula + Death Co-op Boss fight was hard, but my level 49 Johnathan and Charlotte prevailed ) and I thought it was a pretty good DS game title,but not DOS
  8. Personally, if they brought the DS titles of Castlevania to the XBLA I would purchase Dawn of Sorrow or Portrait of Ruin.
  9. I got my second one just a couple days ago. Me, and friends of mine were just messing around and then *POOF* Miser ring. Castlevania HD can somehow tell what you want and find ways NOT to give it to you. Good luck to anyone attempting to get a miser ring! Thanks again guys! What a great community!
  10. So, I'm guessing equip to thief ring and the ebisu before I start the level or the boss fight ?
  11. I am having the hardest time getting my second Miser Ring. I got my first one really early,but now I have over 100(+) kills and still no luck. Any tips ? Knowing me I probably won't get another one
  12. I got a miser ring last night. I had three people( Two who were experienced,and very good friends of mine that knew what they were doing, and one of my friends who just got the DLC and who not even playing -_-) and they stood outside while I was fighting the boss with a Valmanway,Kasier knuckle, Succubus,and R.Medusa head. I'm actually glad only one of us went in there becaue if she hit me or my friend with the charm ability of hers it would have been over lol. I went in there with about 17 min and beat her with about 6-7 mins left. It was crazy how strong she was. I would have been mad of she had given us crap after all that!
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