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  1. Exactly! And it's great to see that they stick to the original game. Free roam will be a massive addition. It's nice that they are taking their time to make it perfect, too. THIS. Hope they'll ask Solar Fields again, and I wouldn't bother remixes for the main theme again...
  2. I'm in, but I'm level 16 at the moment so I'll need to level up first!
  3. My timezone is GMT+1. I have no idea how to convert this to EST, sorry! I'll be available from... let's say 10:00-23:00 (GMT+1). But that's only until Thursday (incl. Thursday), I won't be available next week. But I see STREIGHTSHOOTER isn't available this week, unfortunately.
  4. Ivo


    I agree, Nepal is one of my favourites as well. But so are Bolivia, Peru, Japan and Ghana! Think I'm voting for Ghana, the environment is stunning.
  5. Ivo

    Buy or Rent

    Haha, well Metacritic isn't very positive either. And even the cover art seems hastily made, awful! But deathchicken10, are you saying it's not even worth renting?
  6. Me too! Let's hope for it to finally be finished and released.
  7. Very cool video! And that is an excellent idea Ceris, I hope we'll be able to pick up anything! If the game ever gets released...
  8. Definitely! It's an awesome adventure game. You won't be disappointed if you've liked other Tomb Raider games.
  9. Alright! It's almost entirely dead online...
  10. I don't have a headset but I'd like to join. That's possible? Such a shame nobody plays Classic Conflict - the achievements are impossible to get without boosting! The good weapons also unlock at very high levels and leveling up seems to go very slow...
  11. Just finished it as well and it's not that hard indeed, but the lack of checkpoints can be frustrating sometimes! It also appeared I didn't understand the wind direction icon and chose the opposite side in the first acts...
  12. I'd go for Hardcore as well, it's not that hard. Sometimes you'll have to flee quickly, but it's not that bad if you die. Plus: it's more fun! If there's an enemy chopper approaching, just hijack it.
  13. Are you sure she isn't still on your back? Try holding and see what happens. You could use an early save and play the level again if that doesn't work. If you have still have an old save, of course.
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