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  1. I finally got 600/600 on Evo last month after spending hours and hours on Riders of Doom. I struggled greatly with the 15 round mini game achievement, as a lot of luck was required (unless you have mastered the game). My nerves went crazy when I got near 15, so I was stuck at 15 for about 3 or 4 months. I wasn't playing it 24/7, but I probably invested over 12 hours into this achievement alone. The platinum achievement bugged me for awhile, especially on the Egyptian themed track with the crafty ramp at the end. The ramp the end relies on you getting up on it with the back wheel (kind of like a wheelie) and thrusting your character forward at the top of the ramp. Usually I tried to do a full front flip. That one track screwed me up for a long time.. Once I mastered that map, I simply kept replaying the tournament over and over again.. After a couple weeks of constant effort, I managed to zero fault the track. I'd say this DLC was one of the most stressful/amazing experiences of my gaming life. It'll take hours and hours of effort to complete, but it is by no means impossible. I was god awful at Trials when I first began, but I enjoyed the game, and that propelled me to get better. Experience, experience, experience. Practice makes perfect in trials. Be ready for one hell of an experience if you want to 600/600 Evolution. HD and Fusion are easy (achievement wise) compared to it. The Marathon achievement will seem like a cakewalk after completing most of Evo, and Fusion is difficult if you want to complete it legitimately. If anyone needs any tips for the Riders of Doom maps or wants to talk about them on Xbox, send me a message on here. I'll be glad to talk you through maps, as sometimes, just watching someone complete it isn't enough.
  2. They're already not rare. I've gotten so many rare items that have the same or less light that I already have. Most of the items I get from drops and engrams are instantly deleted.
  3. Because I like the Xbox games better than the Playstation's games, I always have. I don't think the PS4's live can match up to Xbox Live. I want to continue my Xbox profile. I like the Xbox controller better than the Playstation controller. The sharing games feature on the Xbox One is cool because most of the people I play with online, I don't know in real life so we can now play each others games regardless how far apart we are. I antipate more mature Kinect titles in the future as Developers will know that everyone who owns a Xbox One has one, not just families. So I'm kind of excited to get a Kinect. Plus all of this hate really just makes me want to get one even more. I don't understand why so many Xbox 360 owners are switching. PS3 didn't stand a chance to the Xbox 360 in terms of online so I don't see why so DRM policies will change that outcome. The PS4 might beat the X1 in sales but I don't like the Xbox 360 just because it's more popular, I like it because it's better. I have faith that the X1 will be just as good as the 360. Finally, I wish everyone would stop bitching about the once every 24 hours thing. If you don't have internet you're not ready for next gen, plain and simple. Plus is you're reading this right now, you have internet, you're not affected. An entertainment console fit with gaming and TV is Next Gen. The PS4 is just an upgraded PS3. Microsoft is really going above and beyond creating a true Next Gen console. Now keep in mind this is MY OPINON. This is why I am getting the Xbox One over the PS4.
  4. Nope. It wouldn't be the same if quick scopers could have straightup sniper lobbies. Playing against reg guns is a part of quickscoping.
  5. I guess I'll check the game out a little more before I consider spending 1200 points. I still have to 600 trials evolution and that it self is a hair puller. But knowing that Runner2 is extremely hard just makes me want to attempt to complete even though it would make me rage. Thanks for the reply btw.
  6. I'm thinking about getting this unless it's 1200 points but I was wondering how hard it is to "triple perfect" the levels. I have no prior knowledge of this game but the gameplay looked fun.
  7. Holy crap your sig made me laugh! Thanks for that!

  8. The online in the game is a huge disappointment. The maps are complete trash and people head glitch way too much. The campaign and zombies are pretty neat though. We really need a new fps...
  9. Thanks. So an in game level 50 is the highest rank? Or will it show up as 130?
  10. Can someone explain the levels? What's the last one and what happens when you get to it? Is there some kind of reset? Also what are the specializations? Thanks.
  11. I wasn't stating that I didn't believe you got the achievement. I was stating that I found it funny that you said it was extremely hard and then later that day you got the achievement. Sorry you misunderstood my post.
  12. That was very amusing. The funniest thing probably was you editing it and telling everyone you got it.
  13. It was very troublesome for me to get but, I eventually got it. I looked on the leaderboards and watched replays of people doing it and it helped me.
  14. Thanks, now I can sleep at night.
  15. I was trying with the Phoenix but I couldn't even get past the first incline. The Scorpion and Gecko worked the best for me. I eventually got it with the Gecko after around 20 minutes of trying. I think it's one of those achievements where there really isn't a "guide" for it. You just got to keep trying until you get lucky and get it.
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