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  1. I like to play Terrorist Hunt with my friend + randoms but these team killers always show up in groups of two and you can't vote to kick them unless you have 4 people vote yes. I've reported every team killer for toxic behavior in-game and even reported them on Xbox Live but they keep coming back. I'd love to team kill them back or send them a rude message, but they'd probably just report me and I'd look like the bad guy.
  2. No problem - glad it could be useful to you.

  3. I was able to get all of the achievements on the Steam version of Dark Souls II and Scholar of First Sin with your amazing guide. Thanks a lot! :)

  4. So, my buddy and I both won ourselves a $5 gift card about a week or so ago. We're both Canadian and we were told that the gift cards work for the U.S and Canada. But when we try to Redeem the codes on our own accounts we get this message. Pay with a different currency This code cannot be used with the currency in your billing account. To use the code, change the location associated with your billing account in Settings. Too lazy to post a screenshot right now, so here's a twitter status update with a screenshot that he took. I also have a $20 U.S Xbox Live Gift Card code, when I try to redeem that it just says the usual "Something Went Wrong" after I hit confirm. Is it even possible to change currency on an account? Or is it suggesting that I change the region on my account from Canada to U.S?
  5. Cool, I might try the online again, gotta practice in bronze matches because I haven't played in a long time. Let's see if my xbox rep will stay above 20% today.
  6. There's something really wrong with my Xbox account. Today I went on Xbox.com, it says I'm not gold anymore, Xbox Rewards says I'm not gold anymore either. Went on my Xbox, logged in, then my friend list says I have 0 friends *forever alone*. I checked my profile and still have gold and was able to download this game. Jeez, I don't know what's going on.
  7. Yeah, I bought 400 Days DLC when it was on sale recently. I just tried playing it now and started it up with my episode 5 save, then it started playing episode 1 for some reason. So I just quit, started up the game again and used my empty 3rd save slot. Not sure what happened to my good save, probably erased everything back to day 1. This happened to me before when I tried to play Episode 3 on my good save, I had all the episodes downloaded back then too.
  8. Game of Thrones pic ftw

  9. Fast Traveling if it's like a misc quest where I gotta drop off an item, or if I do guild job quests. I usually sprint & whirlwind shout when I'm trying to get somewhere or trying to discover a new location.
  10. My email was hacked, I doubt anything will happen to my xbox360achievements account but if you see this message, if there are any suspicious posts(spam/viruses?/begging) by me, let me know. Thanks

  11. I'm at 138 hours on my main character(level 53), but I left the game idle for probably 30 or more hours. Just finished the vanilla 1000gs achieves, good thing the dlcs came on sale just when I got into "Skyreeeem!" I still have my uhh, OghmerGerd Mashpertaters(Daedric Skill Book) that people said you can dupe and level up fast. Should I level up legit or do some book duping exploits to find me a legendary dragon? *edit* September 11. I just did that cheap level up sneak thing, where you hit the greybeards in the back while sneaking. Til I hit level 70. Still got the Oghmagerd book, gonna save it I guess. Time to start the Dawnguard dlc.
  12. Oh, it turns out that the marketplace doesn't charge taxes when you buy something with MSP that was already on your account before the conversion. But the stores where I live will probably still charge taxes on remaining MSP cards.
  13. There is a Rockstar sale on right now, probably for about a week. L.A Noire on Demand for 50% off and the season pass is 75% off or something like that. I'm seeing the game for $15 & season pass for $3. I was about to buy these but some people are complaining on MajorNelson's forum about getting taxed an additional amount on content they just purchased after getting the new dashboard update. Someone bought a MSP card and had to pay tax when they bought it(I'm guessing he's Canadian because some places charge gst&pst), then they got charged more taxes when they bought something on the marketplace.
  14. I just hit 11,000 points last night. Might get some more in today, but I keep pissing people off when I play cleric. 16 or more armors, lost count after I used some up as material 7 Shields 6 Spears 0 Helmets.
  15. Ya, I just got my best friend into this game and we got disconnected from live. We both deleted the game and redownloaded but that didn't work. I have 1 random friend on my friendlist who is playing right now, I sent him a message and he said that he is having no problems at all. http://cdn.meme.li/i/o42yg.jpg
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