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  1. im trying move base but i need materials,and let me tell ya ive collected shit loads but the numbers in the menu arent increasing so i cant move its driving me nuts.is there a bug or something can anyone give me some advice please
  2. please contact me if anybody is interested thank you
  3. hi ya,i know its been quite some time since you played this and theres a strong chance you dont even have it any more but if you do would you be so kind to help me out with this dam achievement as its a complete bugger to get! if not no problem but hey i have to try lol please send message
  4. could someone anyone give me some confirmation if people still play online!? thank you
  5. looking for anyone wanting to boost,will play anytime and will stay to the end till everyone has unlocked what they need.send message with times that work for yourself. my gamer tag is cosmic panda.please use headset to make life easy for us. as many people as possible. thank you.
  6. red9 and magnum i can comfirm! sorry i cant answer the rifle thing,but i do know exclusives will only unlock late in the game,for sure.but word of warning pro is extermely damaging in the final parts! people say "yeah its easy" and 90% of it is. but pro on the last 10% it is a absolute BALL BREAKER MAKE NO MISTAKE!!! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AT LEAST 10/12 first aids or complete solutions before weskers boyfriend! with most of them reminding after the final encounter with him!! the reason why im stressing this is because the difficulty i found just cranks up 2 gears!! and people say its a walk in the park!! not true!! also note the final boss i used 6/7 solutions....because on PRO he is a BAD ASS MOFO!!! MAKE NO MISTAKE!! more attacks more damage!! good luck and collect them 1000g
  7. thanks alot,great effort i didnt think id ever unlock that achievement
  8. hello again,ive decided to max this game out just to prove a point that it really isnt that hard.the reason why i didnt do it the first time is becsuse im not really an achievement whore,even through i have maxed out some bad ass games :woop:im in one of these moods to prove a point that with a little time spent any game can be maxed.my gamer tag is Cosmic Panda,give me till sunday as im working crazy hours,to see if im all talk!!! http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/images/icons/icon10.gif
  9. your right it isnt fair to assume what you like,so you never played GTA?LOL. but i did say i was generalizing when posting the remark.if you compare like for like of the best sold sandbox game of all time that achieved rave reviews worldwide to the not so mutli million dollor media fueled hype that of the not so worthly wheelman,i can understand your dislike for the game.Just compare, everything works better much better on the wheelman,cant you see that.my the point being if its better than GTA,which isnt that hard!! why isnt it given some credit.anyway bad luck you didnt enjoy it!take care bye bye
  10. im just killing alittle time and i cant help but think this game is a take of GTA right.and GTA for the masses all saying pretty much the same bloodly thing, blowing smoke out of their REAR ENDS over how freaking great that game is,this game beats hands down.anyone who has the sense that God gave goats knows that!! Compare the 2.CASE CLOSED!!! HA HA
  11. if hamster your wanting to boost army of two,send friend request.Cosmic Panda.Thank you please :-]
  12. its a common problem that pretty much everyone has been had with this achievement.anyway a friend of mine who is a hardcore fan of the game,reckons that repeat attempts of diffierent mutations will so enough unlock the 30g.but i cant help but feel this particular achievement will unlock for some and not for others,which is absolute BULLOCKS!!!and after that last one (jockey) which in my opinion is impossible unless boosting,i just want it over already! lets all pray to the all mighty lord that this dam thing unlocks!!!lol
  13. has anyone have any ideas on why within one of the tasks why untouchable isnt unlocking?! ive avoided death within a wanted match but hasnt unlocked it? has anyone else had this problem?
  14. changing setting has to done by returning to main menu and starting from scratch.once setting has been changed restart level.
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