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  1. Hi,


    I just want to let you know that the achievements for TC's The Division 2 are kinda f**ked up. We can't save normally and the amount of G is always buggy. Please try to fix it.


  2. Hi everyone, I need someone to help me for this achievement by just sending me a gift. My Gamertag : xSyKoTiCxJeTx Thank you:)
  3. After one year I bought the game, I decided yesterday to grind it for achievements and indeed,that's a lot easier with a second controller and unlimited credits
  4. Got into this f***ing glitch earlier today and I didn't have other choice to delete my save file and all dlc except Infamy and re-do only main missions,skip all the rest and it worked...(luckily)
  5. My last one was a long a time ago already... Will probably start soon Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End for an easy 1000G
  6. Indeed, it's an easy game and also a boring shitty one but for this price...
  7. I already own Dust: An Elysian Tail but I'm gonna grab Saints Row III even if I don't like too much compared to GTA series but it's free:)
  8. I need help on this mission,it's getting frustrating...Is there still anyone who's playing this game and can give a hand?
  9. Good news! I hope it will be released before 2015:)
  10. What I hate the most: disconnection or assholes who kick out of a party without a reason:boom
  11. Somebody knows what are the next free games with gold?
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