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  • Birthday 07/15/1991

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    360 gamer and ex-aspiring graphic artist(want to get back into it again though :( )
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    United states
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    gaming;graphic design
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    soon to be college

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  1. Hi Zerreissen, come and have a look at our Sig/Art site please bro?

    We are still looking for a Site Moderator and a GFX Team member also to help with site signatures, banners etc..


  2. Sure man interested to see your gallery, send me the link, my gallery you can view by clicking my Emile tag.

  3. kk thnx m8 i have a gallery thread on here if u wanna take a look at my work all of it is a year+ old

  4. Thanks for the rating nice one bro, if you make another new sig let me know man, I will have a good look at it and help you any time my friend.

  5. http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u214/DF-dirge-demon/Obitoreflection.gif this is the last one i feel is worth to show off xD
  6. i posted a rating on your emile tag well edited my post :p

  7. not a problem i like constructive criticism helps me get better at what i do haven't had photoshop in a year plus so no new sigs for me...i wanna get it back so BADDDDDDDD!!

  8. No worries on your tags Zerre, pls rate my tag bro, I notice you didn't mark it up on your last post. Oh and I do like some of the work you do my friend wasn't having a go at your tags, they are nice and neat bro.

  9. there's a mission select ....just an fyi
  10. well no desturction as frostbite is owned by dice...no medic needed ur health regens...guns feel good imo no armor perks only flackjacket(u gotta spend in game point to use it and its not that effective and is avalible from lvl 1)... lives last as long as u can be the first to pull the trigger on someone... unlocks are mainly guns and clases oh and special support abilities...hit detection depends on lag if ur green bar its good yellow = meh red= all ammo emptied into target and target may still be walking still live edit: these are my observations...if u beg to differ anyone then advise todd based on ur view
  11. u probably dont have the my buddy ability on which makes ur drones battery last alot longer
  12. i got 3 star in like 2 drones(ppl kept shooting mine down cuz i was in their spawn go figure) the way i see it ill get 5 star eventually once i master the annoyance that is the parrot drone muahahahaha
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