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  1. its because im using the save and quit trick it no longer works
  2. ok so im going for the monopolized chievo but the problem is once i have completed a level in a decent time the leaderboards are showing at 1.40.39 is this just a glitch or am i pretty much screwed
  3. everytime i start a campaign mission it freezes sumtimes i get to the first checkpoint freezes is this a common problem or is there a easy work around
  4. looking for ppl to do the gnome bomb chievos im on most the time and as not many ppl play that mode it shouldnt be to hard to do
  5. hi there im looking for gen 8 players so we can get a decent team together and get those 100 wins out of the way so tired of being put with randoms who dont seem to no what there doing
  6. looking for a decent squad to do the online chievos msg me on live cheers
  7. any body want to do the advanced coop tired of joining randoms who just run in and die msg me on live cheers
  8. any body want to do the online pins send me a msg on live
  9. would some1 mind helping me get the zombie achievements not the dlc ones im not gonna lie im just not very good at it if so send me a msg on live and if I can help with other achievements I gladly will thanks
  10. any body up for doing the coop achievements send me a msg on xbox thanks
  11. looking for a coop partner and some ppl to do the tks favourite achievements send me msg on xbox cheers
  12. looking to get all the online achievements message me on live so we can get them done cheers
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