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  1. I was so happy when this damn bird finally spawned atop of red star, I guess it was after last update but in exchange last mision on soviet instalation glitched aswell. I did it, collected all stuff but can't tak with quest giver after this. It's like talk button is not active. For frack sake, why every new game is glitched...
  2. Does anyone had problems with co op? Played with few buddies and game kicks non-host every time durring loading 1st city no matter of host connection, we tried to pull this out few times on different host.
  3. I wonder if killing roabies (bugs) voids Insignia of Mercy. From badge description it shouldn't but I want to be sure.
  4. Looking for some permanent buddy to boost online achievements in x360 version.
  5. Looking for commited boost buddy to grind XP in all disciplines.
  6. I'm running session on 14th august if anyone is interested.
  7. Great tip, this strategy works perfect on this Red Bull's 4th 2-pit stop race, I made cautions until I reached lap 28/38, then raced few laps. Around lap 34 stupid AI made caution but it worked the same like me do it on lap 37, I didn't pit on last caution and that put in front for last 2 laps.
  8. I'm looking for (for PC version): Man's King Suit Man's Masquarade Suit SWORDS The Merchant's Bodyguard (Random Shop Spawn) Slimquick (Random Shop Spawn) Souldrinker The Splade (Random Shop Spawn) The Swinging Sword Thunderblade HAMMERS Auora's Shield (Random Shop Spawn) Faerie Hammer of the Moon King (Random Shop Spawn) Hammer of Wilmageddon Jack's Hammer Scythe's Warhammer Sorrow's Fist Tanner's Glory The Tenderizer - Guaranteed Drop - Dark Sanctum flit switch puzzle Trollblight(Random Shop Spawn) The TYPO PISTOLS Bloodcraver Chickenbane Holy Vengeance (Random Shop Spawn) The Ice Maiden Reaver Industries Perforator (Random Shop Spawn) Tee Killer Shooter Rifles Arkwright's Flintlock The Equalizer Facemelter (Random Shop Spawn) The Hero's Companion (Random Shop Spawn) Scattershot (Random Shop Spawn) Skorm's Justice Can do other coop achievements as well, I have female character.
  9. Did you unlocked all planes without problem? I have one plane on list greyed out (No. 34 on unlockable list, between Mig 21 and Rafale). Game doesn't show it's name so I don't know for sure what I missed, on Acepedia I found only thet it might be Su 37.
  10. PC Version Looking for boost buddy
  11. PC version First 2 player stuff and and few events from leagues Rookie to 6 for unlocking higher ones
  12. I have problem with mentioned mission. After few objectives at some point I have to bombard airfields and so I'm doing but after I destroy all marked buildings game doesn't want to move action further and looks like glitched. Ealier I finished US campaign and haven't got any problems with objectives counting in any mission. Does anyone had same problem or I'm doing sth. wrong? I even destroyed all unmarked buildings, AA's, found another airfield; destroyed everything there and still action don't want to go any further.. edit: Problem solved, it looks dev forgot to mark 3 hangars at another airfield so just blew everything you find there, especially buildings at end of runway.
  13. If anyone interested I have set boosting session on TA for 6 player achievements - 31 May 20:30 GMT time.
  14. I have small problem with that game. I thought chieevo for gold medals in every event will unlock under same conditions as in XBLA version but after I won all only Brone medal chieevo unlocked. Does anyone got that achievement? I suspect that in opposition to Xbox version I have to win every single event durring every championship (on console having enough points for winning champ works) but need to confirm it.
  15. And some sites/shops say it was released yesterday, 5th April. I don't count glitched chieevos will be fixed but who knows..
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