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  1. Looking for someone to do the co-op achievements with. GT- Earthbound Cory (with the space)
  2. I’m also looking for the co-op achievements. GT - EarthboundCory
  3. If anyone still plays this, I'm looking for help on the two online DG Fighter achievements. I can't match up with anyone online. GT: EarthboundCory
  4. Looking to run through Professional Mode (especially need help on 2-3), preferably as fast as possible for the unlimited rocket launcher. GT - EarthboundCory
  5. Does anyone know how to get the "Collect Your a reward" that's located north of Submega and west of Colombian Roastmaaters in the mall? It looks like it's in a basement level, but there's no way there.
  6. So, the trials don't reset if you restart the game/cases (with the same save)?
  7. Do you know what type of ones you have to do alone?
  8. I was wondering if you could collect the accolades in coop mode.
  9. I've watched several videos, and I've spent a decent amount of time trying to shoot a flying chicken with a fire arrow, but I can't seem to unlock it. I feel like I did it once, but it didn't unlock, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. The videos make it seem so easy.
  10. So, I was playing this and completed the first five chapters in one go. After shutting off my XBox for the night and finishing up Chapters 6 and Epilogue the next day, I noticed that those two achievements wouldn't unlock for me. I had completed the game with no achievement for it. I went to the chapter select and chose chapter 6 again, and I played through the rest of the game with the same issue (no achievement unlock). Does anyone else have this problem and/or a possible solution?
  11. Need to boost some of the MP achievements since so few people play online. Prefer to have at least 2-3 other people to be able to get all of them. GT - EarthboundCory
  12. I agree that the multiplayer wasn't that bad. It didn't need it, but I thought it was fun. The main problem with it was that it didn't get played a lot, so it was difficult to find a game. On a similar note, I LOVED the multiplayer in the Assassin's Creed games (two or three of them...and I don't mean the co-op), which is something people hated. I thought it was a fantastic new multiplayer type (one team hides and the other tries to find them) with just a few problems and a lot of upside.
  13. How do you know their helmets off? It doesn't matter how many times I hit them, it seems like it gives me the kill option randomly (sometimes after three or four hits and sometimes after 20). I don't ever notice their helmets coming off.
  14. You seem to be the only pro in this game. How do you deal with the armored zombies? I've been using the triple boomarang and it's just a process of hitting them 20 times until they let me do an instakill on them. I've tried using the shotgun and machete on them as well, and both of those don't work either? I feel like there has to be an easier way to kill them other than hitting them until they let you instakill.
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