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  1. I am looking for a good group of people to play with. Not the best player in the world here but I feel Im decent enough to keep up. I only have 7 cheevos left to the 1k and really close to having tour of duty maxed on medals as well. Im at 90% finished. Just a little bit about me. GT Mieces87
  2. Are the Servers shut down? Trying to boost but not able to actually find anything.
  3. I watched everything all the way through and I have 100% the game but I never saw a scene like that. Can you get back to it?
  4. I looked as well and I can only find DLC pack 2... Where are you seeing 4?
  5. After the next couple games I am sure we will have this figured out! At least we hope haha
  6. ok never mind people are flooding now
  7. The league looks like it can be boosted as of right now... I am sitting in a lobby and have been by myself for about 5-10 mins now. Should jump on this while we can I think.
  8. As of right now I think Im at 12 out of 20 and I got them all local with "humans" on 1 controller.
  9. Just got my copy! Lets do this!
  10. Yea for season one I ran through last night and today and I got them all now and I had each character around 100 titles. I did the basics over and so I got the cheevos... I enjoyed this glitch. Doing trials now cause it messed up on me before so I am trying to get as many done before the patch if there is one.
  11. I have been reset with all the new update but ALL of my titles are unlocking!!! I have gotten a couple of the 150 title cheevos and I only got around 30-45 titles extra. I like this glitch. Work on it now before they patch it!.:woop:
  12. I don't know if anyone else is having this issue. I have started the season 2 layout and the trials i can't find. On top of that I have lost all of my titles progression. Back at 0 for everything.
  13. Yea there wasn't anything that happened. it turns out that it didn't stay on my Gamertag so no worries I'm not going to get crazy over it haha
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