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  1. Generated this a few minutes ago "This is Sparta!" Generated a sweet map, few islands, lots of trees, a nice waterfall Not done a lot of exploring yet, will edit and give more details when I have, may interest a few of you though
  2. Ok so I have lscrolled through the forums and cannot see a thread relating to this, forgive me if there already is one My question is this If my weapon has say 400 strength 190 Magick does this mean that the total damage output is 590? or do you do either strength damage if the strength damage stat is higher? or vice versa
  3. ok so, I did the quest chain where you get drunk and wake up with no gear, completed it, recovered my gear to my surprise my weapons were not in the chest, so I looked around for several minutes for them then got bored and decided I would just go buy some new ones, no and I mean absolutely NONE of the vendors have weapons to purchase anymore :/ any ideas? I have tried reloading but all saves have the same issue, no weapons on my character
  4. Rent it, The single player is brilliant, nice immersive story very similar to iRobot crossed with Terminator, gameplay is Gears of war crossed with Mass Effect, I am very glad I rented it anyway, was kinda short though , took me two days to complete
  5. lol, I had trouble with him on cakewalk, I say trouble but I killed him without game over but I was downed a ton of times by his 1 shot jumping insta death attack, Now about to start my second playthrough on rustem up, best advise I can give you is to utilise the evade dive and stay near the stairs
  6. I am trying to think of a reason they just let this one stew, its weird, I dont recall a tv advert for it, didnt see it on any lists of upcoming games to buy on ign or gamespot, SEGA simply missed the bus on this one, Its a brilliant game and I am so glad I stumbled upon it, I say stumbled as I rented it purely because ME3 was already loaned out, Its brilliant, definitely deserved better advertising thats for sure, could have been a real contendor to take over from the mass effect franchise
  7. wow, glad I decided to rent Binary Domain today instead of this then, reviews are terrible and everywhere I look people who bought it are bat shit crazy mad at capcom for allowing such a terrible game to be released, think I will stick with Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 for my zombie shoot em up kicks ps thanks for the heads up
  8. I agree fully, I would like to see some more characters, Bane, Killer Croc, Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, Robin, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn etc I'd also like to see more customisation options for face and hair as you quite correctly say, this game has huge potential
  9. off topic I know but, AHahahaha Ricey-bfd that animation you have of the cat & toddler made me LOL so hard
  10. Just completely ignore Greg Millers review for IGN I think either he was on his period or his wife has him on a sex ban, Gamespot gave it an 8, destructoid 8.5 and game informer 8.5 so it is clearly not as bad as he makes out Check out the demo and then decide for yourself, I personally have removed IGN from my bookmarks/favourite as am fed up with their overly critical reviews and am in the process of downloading the demo, am hoping it is as good as it looks and gamespot say it is
  11. Was hesitating on this one as hadnt heard much about it, then I watched the review on ign and I was sold, now reading peoples reviews and they all seem to be saying that this is a great game so will go pick it up in the next couple of days
  12. Going to rent this tomorrow, saw a nice review on ign and it looks like a good game, nice time filler til me3 is released
  13. nope, didnt realise it was a co-op achievement, doesnt say it in the description anywhere :/ will give it a shot
  14. "Highly Adaptable" wont unlock either, am killing 4 guys, grenade, melee, assault rifle, shotgun, tried this at least 10 times (reloading same checkpoint) tried it using DART and without am doing it in around 30-40 seconds (stop watched) still no achievement..nice
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