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  1. Need somebody for Party Hearty achievement. Will be on tonight. GT: N7 Overwatch
  2. I'm having loads of fun with this game. Feel free to add me if you need a teammate. Going to be on for the rest of the night and many other nights after. lol GT: N7 Overwatch
  3. Same, though I'm only accepting with a checkpoint because it's too much doing every single mission. If it's the last couple of missions I don't mind though (For each Halo.). I have a mic and always speed-run when possible. Would really appreciate it if someone could help me out with those LASO achievements. I'm also willing to help out with other achievements during the process. GT: N7 Overwatch
  4. Hmm...maybe if they add it on Netflix I'll watch it. lol I can't binge-watch on my computer anymore, especially for that amount of episodes. I did end up watching Tekken recently with a friend for old times sake. We never realized how lame it was till now, looked so much better watching it as kids back then.
  5. I'd just wait until E3 if I were you. Till then just do another playthrough of the Mass Effect trilogy.
  6. I ended up buying Creed at Target this morning. Lucky enough it was the last steelbook copy they had in the whole store. http://img.bluray-disc.de/files/filme/Creed-2015-Zavvi-Steelbook-UK-Import.jpg
  7. The side tasks are irrelevant for your rank. You also need to obtain nearly all of the stars during the quick time event.
  8. Also for PC (Steam). Played the demo a few days ago, the facial expressions are a nice touch. I also like how they brought back the echo sound of the jutsu they perform, it takes me back to pre-shippuden when seeing them perform jutsu were chilling and amazing to watch.
  9. Wish it could have been applied before your initial rank. I won 9 out of 10 games with a 2.125 k/d in BTB and I only got Platinum 1 yet in FFA I only won one game with barely a 1.0 k/d and somehow got placed in Onyx.
  10. Holy Sh*t! Welcome back. lol I'm always looking for some good sci-fi films so I'll definitely check it out. I just watched The Night Before with some friends, it was pretty good. Great laughs, I couldn't take some of the dramatic scenes too seriously but considering it's a comedy it was satisfying enough. I mean, Seth Rogen was hilarious. lol I would definitely recommend it. 7.5/10
  11. The thing with Apex 7 is that it's bigger so you can outmaneuver them to capture their red/blue base if they have two or even all of them captured. With A.R.C., it can become one-sided if the enemy team captures all the bases. You're pretty much screwed since they can swarm you with vehicles and heavy weapons. The worst is joining a game where the opposite team has all bases before the first legendary boss even spawns.
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