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    I DJ, i game, i play basketball. about it haha
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    Im Frm L . A . Cali for ni A Hot days got shade let me tell you right away. wanna hear mre hit me up
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    Gaming, DJing and basketball
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    Getting paid to game and i DJ

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  1. blah i gotta wait to get that car then i was useing a car and i got 1:08 so if i had the elite gt12 id prolly finish in 1:05 lol just guessing
  2. "Eliminator Efficiency" okay i did every Elimination and placed first at each one, no achievement? what am i doing wrong? or it is glitched? Also how do you get the high five achievement? the guide says to go to stats and see how close you are but it does not say it there?
  3. add me so i can get it lol ill help you wit other things if needed
  4. Beat a member of the development team or someone who has beaten them. if so add me i still need to get it, i dunno anyone who has it Forgottennn
  5. ok i tried it your way with the cob 530 gts or w/e and i did not hit no wall i did slide 2 times but still perfect race and i ended in 1:16
  6. ill join man hit me up Forgottennn
  7. I did this like 3 times 1 wish smoker (no ach) 1 with hunter (no ach) 1 with boomber (achivemnt unlock!) so yea i also picked zoey and did this in versus mode not system link u dont have to have bill or be in system link fyi
  8. Need 1 to 2 players for chaos generator and sacrificizzle send msg to my gt is forgottennn tahnks
  9. ok i been wanting to get halo 2 pc for a long time but i dont have vista i only have XP (i hate vista) so is there anyway i can get halo 2 to play on xp? if so how?
  10. okay so i want to buy this game and i can get it BRAND NEW with board for 20 bucks. now i hear the board sucks is there a way to play wit a standard controller?
  11. hey nvm i just got it, but there are others i need help with if you have time

  12. hey man was wondering if you still had conflict denide ops? and if u wanna play? if not then can you help me on some things. like for one how do i get "Change Of Priority"

  13. Need one person for co-op and online please if anyone plays this hit me up on my acc my gt is forgottnnn thank you
  14. saw this game for 5 bucks had to get it. in about 2 days i beat it and got 200/200 if you haven't got the game yet GET IT its fun to play and easy GS who just want the GS, im still playing it after i beat it its fun
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