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  1. Maybe you should start running?!
  2. I'm addicted to running. If I don't run every day I feel terrible.
  3. Sorry to hear, it's a sad story. I really don't know when it will go better for you but just keep your head up, go your way and don't look to the left or right and most important: believe in yourself! And then there will be a day when it goes up again. I send you a hug from Europe, maybe this helps a bit...
  4. 1. Dreamcast 2. Xbox 360 3. Sega Mea Drive 4. PS2 5. Xbox
  5. I wish you all Merry X-Mas Enjoy your free time with some hopefully peacefull and happy moments. Best wishes from Overseas.
  6. did you skill your trader attributes? this helps alot.
  7. Why did you do that? You have to pay for this every time, right?
  8. I will go snowboarding. Really looking forward to it!
  9. sry my english is not so good. I meant annoying and embarrassing.
  10. honestly I just walked out of the room it was to enoying...
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