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  1. First of all I’ve put this in the x1 forum because I believe the item I’m looking for might be in someone’s inventory who doesn’t play this game anymore. I’m asking the Xbox achievements community to please take the time to check your inventory for this item if you no longer play the game. I’m looking for rlcs rewards drop decal Tactician Black RLCS Octane decal If you have this or know anybody that does please let me know. I appreciate your help finding this decal. Thank you!
  2. Hey I’m looking for a specific rlcs rewards decal. Tactician Black RLCS Octane Decal If anyone has this or knows someone who has it I have a huge offer for them. Please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Hey I know it’s a long shot but I thought I would post here with my fellow achievement hunters. I love this game, to the point where I haven’t even paid attention to hunting achievements but it drives me nuts how overpriced everything is when you try to trade. If anyone is done with this game for good and doesn’t want what’s in their inventory (crates,items, etc) I would gladly take them off your hands. I know it’s an odd request but being an achievement hunter myself I know a lot of you will 100% this game and move on for good. I will take your items and in return will help you with achievements for this game or any other game that’s on my list that I can help with. If that is a deal you would want to make them message me. Thanks.
  4. I almost feel like buying this for 15 just to see if it works. One of my glitches achievements was egons guinea pig so that wouldn't be hard to check for but does anybody know if online is even still available?
  5. I think the description for the omniscient - all endings achievement needs to be changed. I got the wife/child ending on my first play through without trying, looking back I did most if not all the requirements that were listed in the guide. I then went to chapter select and started on chapter 4 using the guide and got the wife ending. My problem is that I assumed by reading the guide that the self portrait was just a deathless play through so I went to chapter select started in the prologue and tried to do the collectibles and the self portrait last. I did my deathless play through avoiding my wife and child and death at all cost and still didn't get it. Now I realize that this might have happened because of the collectibles but from what I read people really don't know how to get this ending. It certainly is not just a deathless play through avoiding your family. Edit: The only difference between me and blood bounty is that he started a new game and erased saves and I went to chapter select although that shouldn't make a difference. I'll try again starting new game and post back.
  6. I'm having the same issue. Went through and collected all items and when I got here it wasn't there. I skipped it because I remember getting it on my first play through. When I completed the video I got the other two collection achievements but not this one. On my second attempt I tried what you said but couldn't get it to show up then I went to far through the door and it locked behind me. This one seems glitchy like the ending achievement. Played through with no deaths and still go the wife ending.
  7. Is there any way to clear the system cashe on the X1 like there was on the 360? Tried to use the search feature but nothing came up. Thanks.
  8. I have 3 that have unlocked and I have 2 others that say Done! Unlocking.... that are not showing up with a time stamp. They've been like that for 2 days.
  9. So does this mean the other factions will likely never win again? I hope they give incentive to play on certain factions each week.
  10. Thanks for the input. I'll check some of these games out.
  11. I should add for Xbox One only. I sold my 360. Loved RDR too.
  12. Hey my buddy and I are looking for a new XBOX One MP game to play and I have no idea what to get. The games we've enjoyed to most have both been by Rockstar (Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto). I guess we enjoy the 3rd person camera although I enjoy 1st person view as well. What is an amazing online game?
  13. Does this game have MP or is it just 2 co-op missions? If not then how do you start the co-op?
  14. Yeah stopped playing RR long ago. Does anybody know what mission/race gives the best RP for shortest time?
  15. You don't need to make a new character to get your 500k. I transferred my level 237 and got my money shortly after in free roam. I bought the disc version and it had a code in the box for the 1 million free gta dollars.
  16. I'm in first person normally but it automatically switchs to third person while in cover and driving. Was anybody else confused about how to set this up?
  17. I've noticed I can't seem to get into any full freeroams now that I'm on the Xbox One. I seem to get into rooms with 5-10 players max. I thought they increased freemode to 30 players. I also can't seem to get into any online races. I seem to get dropped into rooms where I'm the host and nobody joins or I get in to a match where the host is on call and everybody joins and then leaves. What is on call anyway? I've been going to quick jobs -> race -> alone. My NAT type is open and my internet speed is 50mbps. Is this happening to anybody else?
  18. When I record in game footage can I send it to friends on my friends list via Xbox LIVE. I was under the impression I could.
  19. Should we assume this FPS view will be for GTA: Online also? I really hope so.
  20. Okay I'm convinced I'll need kinect now. I know I'll want to record lots of clips. OH SNAP Kicking me when I'm down. If we lose again tonight I'm jumping ship.
  21. Okay thanks for the help. I wanted to go tonight but you've given me something to think about with kinect. I imagine most of the clips I want will be in MP and I wont want to pause the game.
  22. That sounds cool. I thought 500gb would be enough but wasn't sure if the games/dlc took up way more HD space. So can you do the 30 second and 5 minute recordings without kinect then? If so, how? You must have to pause the game? I would rather tell the xbox to record it but an extra $150 price tag sucks.
  23. So I was wondering if I can get an idea of the different xbox1 consoles that I can buy? My main concern is hard drive space as I had a 250gb 360 slim and I like to put all my games on the HD and like to save all my save files even after I get rid of my games. Also I wanted to save some money and avoid kinect but is there any awesome features I will miss out on by doing this? (I heard there is a in-game video replay feature that sounds awesome) Thanks for your help. I tried google but got frustrated.
  24. I had a problem where it wouldn't save certain missions and all survivals after i logged off. It seems to be fixed now and shows the check marks when I pick a mission. I didn't see this mentioned in the patch notes but is pretty important IMO.
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