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  1. If you go solo the Witch Doctor is the easiest. Demon Hunter the hardest. Source: http://diablo.somepage.com/info/hardcore-deaths Witch Doctor has a lot of allies and you get Spiritwalk wich allows you to walk away from all dangers. Playing on easy however any class is very do-able.
  2. Quite off-topic indeed but to answer your question, the only way to track your time is to make a Raptr account. As far as I know. Wich would only track total time so for character time you'll have to use an extern timer or something.
  3. Also there is no option to just use your weapon after you unlock the skills. There is also no need for it since the poison dart attack does more damage. If you run out of mana that attack will probably be a regular knife attack. Everything scales with your weapon but you mainly use skills. For the Wizard you got signature spells wich cost nothing to cast, for the Demon Hunter you can shoot regular arrows for free, for the Monk you can use your spirit generator for free and for the Barbarian you use your rage generator for free. For the Witch Doctor, nothing is free but once you level up to say level 6 you can spawn poison dart indefinitely. The Zombie Fire Bats are also cheap with a certain rune. Just my 2 cents.
  4. 5) It's the Pursuer, you can indeed defeat him after the Last Giant, wich isn't hard since in this new arena you can kill him for 99% with one ballista shot. 6) Yes, lots of arrows but you do not get a single item from this enemy.
  5. (off topic: Just a small question, is it true that only below 50/70% of max equipment counts? I though only below 60% made a difference.)
  6. Some reviewers say they died # times, how do they know? Is there such function in game? I thought you could see it on the big column in Majula but that tracks worldwide wich I don't really care about since you cannot grasp these huge numbers.
  7. Thanks for the very detailed info, looks like I'll be doing multiple playthroughs then.
  8. So is online play required for 1000 G? Very curious about that.
  9. If you want to reassign medals make sure the soldier wearing the medal dies in combat, do not dismiss this soldier.
  10. You're definitely not the only one who found that greenhorn very annoying. Battlestations Pacific is very expensive though, cheapest option seems to buy the GoD for 30 euros wich is WAY too much since I won't be able to sell it. I noticed a few deals on amazon for 25 euros but they all can't ship to the Netherlands. Ebay starts with 125 euros wich is nuts. Local stores don't have the game eiter.
  11. Thanks for the fast and excellent reply. But my problem was that the car detonated itself way before the two guards at the edge of the map, I had no problem fiber wiring the two lotus members inside. After retrying the whole level the third time this glitch didn't occur and I was able to detonate the car manually.
  12. The car with the car bomb explodes automatically before it reaches the two guards at the edge of the level, how do I prevent this? Very hard to kill those without bullets. This way I can't get SA on this level.
  13. I do believe the DLC is part of a multiplayer update, no way all DLC was included on disc from disc one. If that was the case why not release all of it day one?
  14. True, but I never played Counter-Strike since I don't have a pc capable of gaming (xbla version is not for me) and for me the most enjoyable team deathmatch game was World at War. I never played much online apart from World at War, BF:BC2 and BF3. And even with those games I never spent more then 250 hours a game.
  15. Gun Master, Team Deathmatch. Basically all modes without flags. In my book BF is the founder of flag conquest multiplayer while call of duty is the king of team deathmatch. But that's just my point of view.
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