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  1. How do you start the level final showdown in free play , I can't find anywhere to restart it Also the same for the level before
  2. im looking for some people to gift me some Road to Rio de Janeiro wins as a gift, my son plays this but is not good online. thnak you in advance
  3. Ahhh Twice last night I got the most vanquish's in a match and it did unlock. Both games I had at least 6 more kills than the second highest. But on the stat screen the 2nd highest got the award not me . So angry as it took me ages to get the most vanquish's
  4. Hi For the mission when I go to the caravan nothing happens . Same with uncaculated risk
  5. how do you start this mission, i have 96% and have done all 3 endings but cant start this mission help also i dont know how to finish the hold up a store for the misc checklist
  6. can someone help me with the cake and dispenser achvos plz
  7. I have not played the game in 2 months but played it for the first time today and a notification just above the map said Christmas bonus downloaded . Anyone know what it is ??
  8. How do you do a diving headed clearance . Been playing none stop since Early release and still have no idea how to do it. Any help
  9. wuki 7

    Missing achvos

    Anyone plz gift me a 99 contract as I have used them all from the eac club
  10. wuki 7

    Missing achvos

    Just put the retail version in after have season pass early release, I'm missing at least 6 simple achvos I know I did in e release. I have no 99 contract now. Plus my online pro has disappeared ,
  11. wuki 7

    My pro

    I'm disappointed I can't use my pro or game face I have used For the last 3 years
  12. wuki 7

    Pro club

    I'm looking to join a club and start a co op season in the early release. . Any help
  13. i thought I brought all the item in store that I needed for this how do I know which ones im missing
  14. I have brought over 100 packs from fifa points and sold rooney and van persie and brought packs with these coins. But still no team of the week player Any tips - i have tried at 6pm on a weds
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