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  1. Me and a friend have the same issue with Judy Walters echo 2.
  2. I don't know what the requirements are but doing it solo made me more careful so I didn't go down once, maybe that's why.
  3. Do you need to do it solo? Just done the first mission with 3 others but we went down a couple of times, no deaths. Still at 92%. edit:did it on my own with no downs and it unlocked
  4. That seems to be happening across all games. I have had it on numerous titles as have my friends and my community hub hasn't had an achievement on it from anyone for about 5 hours.
  5. I didn't log in during the time and still got the emblem.
  6. Even though I have it on disc I picked it up from myself as its still cheaper than the expansion on its own in the UK. The expansion actually looks like it may be fun and with me trading the disc in it works out even cheaper.
  7. Great news. Looking forward to the translation when ever it comes. I'm just happy that its still in your plans to do it.
  8. I have purchased numerous packages and have yet to receive one. Is it a guaranteed drop from those?
  9. It looks like you fill them from killing enemies. I filled one and am onto another bag once you are done with the tower.
  10. Is the only way to get the legendary masks from Tess using silver? edit: Eva Levante offers blue chances from full candy bags and you get a bag to start of with. Got a Sokolas mask.
  11. Got the new quest, completed and now the Sleeper Simulant is mine
  12. Finished step 4 and now I guess we play the waiting game.
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