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  1. normal>hard it's ok but very hard it's pain your thumb lol guard break yyyyyy until "RT"pop then use adrenaline burst;) ============================ little bit guide aaa rank(reckless riding and bug hunt sub mission) reckless riding [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4fOCHBTvA0]Killer is Dead - Reckless Riding (AAA Rank) - YouTube[/ame] -avoid all spike barricades and 2 red cars on the right in lap2(don't worry about all buckets) bug hunt [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrC0pr-QVSo]Killer is Dead - Bug Hunt (AAA Rank) - YouTube[/ame] - guard break to kill at least 4 bugs (guard break bonus) - do not get hit once (gentleman bonus) - charge to kill in one shot(10 bugs in that box) all 24 bugs are...7 in main hall+4 behind dark wall+2 in upside room+1 in living room and +10 in dead end garden ps.easy difficulty in these video
  2. i'm grinding little bit in ep1 (rank aaa/veryhard) i think 500k+per1mins it's not bad^^ [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wghQO11vUp4]Killer is Dead Episode 1 (AAA Rank) - YouTube[/ame]
  3. no sir...my gamertag offline play only:P name "testerdummy" ====================== ps.little tips for "cash enough for love"achievement($100 million in cash) you should gather to100m(achievement pop) before buy any expensive girls costume copy your save to flashdrive then buy these for"mondo's girls collection" http://image.free.in.th/v/2013/ib/130807025535.jpg after achievement pop already load your flashdrive save then buy any other useful (like legendary executioner costume^^)
  4. cool kills its mean you kill by adrenaline burst(rt+x) i use dark booster arm (inf blood) and kill every enemies(7) in this stage with adrenaline burst only this my result of episode 2(easy) and it will get you aaa in all difficulty with this method^^ http://image.free.in.th/v/2013/ip/130807030905.jpg
  5. arrr thanks:woop: just got it from aaa rank in "gift of the moon"sub mission unlocked"mika from outer space"costume(cost 12,500,000) and when i'm buy it...."mondo's girls collection"achievement pop! it's mean no need to get both mika and vivian
  6. does anyone know how to unlock costume for???(vivian and mika?) http://image.free.in.th/v/2013/iq/130807121533.jpg
  7. oh thanks for 7-3! found her but i step to the corridor ...checkpoint and she disappear lol... try again edit http://image.free.in.th/v/2013/iz/130806042159.jpg finally that's last scarlett(20 not22) got "scarlett-approved stalker" achievement pop after defeated boss
  8. ep7 i can't find more than 2 same yours but just found one more in ep9 4)behind big box under stair(before boss) http://image.free.in.th/v/2013/iq/130806124215.jpg now i found 18/?(maybe22) combo 1,2 target 1,_,3,4,_,6,7 survival 1,2,3,4 katana 1,_,3,4 trick 1,2,_,4 weapon 1
  9. episode 3(central) 1.5 shoot the wall chandelier you must stand on "heart-shape floor"...it will up to scarlet http://image.free.in.th/v/2013/if/130804112421.jpg credit to mr."ผมเอง" from dgo forum to founnd this^^
  10. other ways for easy 300 combos (be like joe achievement) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9leyWZrBVI]Deadpool - Easy 300 Combo (Be like Joe Achievement) - YouTube[/ame] (but ultra-violence difficulty on my video:)
  11. i think this is very missable achievement,i just found only 4 now olga -bug1 invert memory flux forlan -bug1 remove gun safety forlan -bug2 knock over bottle scylla -bug1 turn off airbag *edit* just got it all^^ charles - bug1 retract cup holder>unlock safety belt>break windshield>reboot jax>short circuit electric socket(do it all and you will complete this remix too)
  12. i use jagd p22g auto-aim assist(press LT > aim to the head(20+) shoot > release LT) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FPdhBeotso]Hitman Absolution - Birdie's Gift (2 methods to get silverballers) KANE & LYNCH - YouTube[/ame]
  13. yeah...and it much fun;) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laRG7lwCXNc]Hitman Absolution - Run for your Life (infiltrator & suit only challenge) - YouTube[/ame] you will got infiltrator challenge competed in every mission if you don't get spotted by anyone
  14. ahh...don't notice i got part1 from that point before hahaha:p
  15. i can't remember why i got both veiled dead part 1&2 at the same time with drug dealer outfit(in normal difficulty) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELb7cY9IDMA]Hitman Absolution - The King of Chinatown (many ways to kill) - YouTube[/ame] i'm not follow to kill snowman at underground after he check the goods
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