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  1. Need to boost all online cheevos that can be done with easy, simply everything except King of the Hill. Send me a pm if interested
  2. Need to boost almost everything online. So anyone interested send me a PM
  3. Nope, only the ones they gave me for free once for learning.
  4. I am running into a strange problem since the mission mode update, There is a mission known as: Play the Cards! Go to Happy Cards and learn how you can attain new items! I just can't complete it, don't know how. When the update launched, I went to Happy Cards section tons of times but the mission wasn't completing, so I left it and moved on. Later I got hooked onto other games and recently came back to HW after some time and thought of checking the menu again and recalled the problem, googled like hell but no result. I think I am glitched but any insight from you guys would be delightfully welcomed. Waiting Patiently for your response
  5. Add me to the list 39 levels with 3 stars erased, back from scratch. Dang it's annoying, I think you must not lock the screen or switch the app, just quit when you are done, that's just a tip I found while searching internet, it may help may not :/
  6. I have few questions, if anyone can answer I will be highly grateful Is there an in game counter for hidden packages? Plus are they infinite or they are one time only? Googled like hell, can't find the answer Oh and what are the so called real estate sign collectibles? I think it's a myth
  7. Online now, interested in doing criminal records boosting
  8. Looking to boost air races, anyone interested? Can help with any other thing
  9. I am just gonna remind everyone, Rockstar has never banned people accounts in the past for cheating ion their games. In Red Dead it was few days ban to permanent online access ban and then they revised the system in Max Payne 3 using cheaters pool, If somebody cheated they were thrown into cheaters pool for specific amount of time and no bannings occurred. Who knows its R* decision, I would say they are gonna patch it and move on because they don't want more bad reputation with GTAO, with so many bugs and glitches they are already having trouble and they made GTAO to last, there goal is to extend to looonnggg life so I would say it's wise to patch. If not they are gonna rip you from your cash and property or worst rip you from your property and make you a bad sport for month. That's my bet on it otherwise lets wait till Rockstar comes with latest patch by the end of this month
  10. Criminal Records boosting, online now
  11. Need someone to boost strentgth with, send me a pm and whats the best way to boost ling capacity?
  12. NOTE = Need to boost Strength stat, using car punching method, will return favour or can help with anything else. Always ready for criminal records boosting, add me Plus anyone knows whats the shortest Air and Sea race?
  13. does anyone know whats the smallest air and sea race? to boost 25 races plat?
  14. i am up for plat awards, add me. Whenever I am online I am ready for these PLUS NEED TO BOOST THE STRENGTH USING CAR PUNCHING METHOD, anyone interested send me a pm, wanna do this brfote its patched
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