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  1. I have the same issue with the arcade cabinets and my achievement for completing sunset hills hasn't unlocked (but I got the one for completing every district). I hate that!
  2. I hope this will work for the "finish sunset hills" achievement too. I'l try that tonight.
  3. I can confirm that JuniorMT's solution works fine! Double-Rocket that bastard!!! There are two places on the final part where you can find ammo for your Double-Rocketing: right at the place when you jump down and from there in the far left corner behind some cover.
  4. I cannot thank you enough for your help!!! Awesome work!!
  5. The thing is that the number of achievements i got is correct and the GS for each game is correct too (I printed out a list from this site and compared it to the list on xbox.com). Everything is correct but on xbox.com I habe 115355GS and here I have 115340. 5649 achievements. Looks like I wll never find the mistake - anyways, thanks for your help!
  6. Hi! I have compared my games over and over again. My Gamerscore on Xbox.com is 115355 but ist 115340 on this site. I went through my games-list on by one comapring the number of Achievements and the Score - everything is correct but the Score on this site is 15G less. Anybodyout there who knows what's wrong? Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Hey guys. I was able to get the glitch working but I don't get any Close to the Points required to two stars. Does it work better in coop? Are the poinhts added in coop? Any other suggestions?
  8. I need to play through teh game again because i deleted all savefiles. the funny thing is that the game still remembered my headshot kills and other cumulative things. Tried to play Level 2-4 right away and destroyed the archons - but no cheevo. so you need to have a savefile with your Levelprogress.
  9. Ahhh, I don't have a save file on my current xbox360. I hope that I will find it on my girlfriends xbox. I'll keep you informed.
  10. I got the following info from trueachievements.com: You must kill all of the archons in the mission "Breaking Camp" or the game will not recognize that you have comleted the level. I will try this tonight.
  11. MW2 was really easy but I agree with you. BO2 was easier. Also the achievement for beating it on Vet was only 15G - so maybe KFZ Scrubs has nailed it: It's all about selling more and more copies.
  12. After I played through the "Jimmy's Vendetta" DLC i suddenly found a new mission in Joe's Adventures. I know that this sounds weird but it's known that the DLC's are buggy. Feel free to comment and share your experiences about this topic here.
  13. I really need help. I'm at 49% in Joe's DLC but I just don't get the next mission. There is no mission icon - just the silver stars for old missions. Does anybody knoe what's going on here?
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