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  1. Sorry to post in here but I'm just trying to get the word out. If you applied for the beta you probably have the code in your email to download the beta.
  2. I need help to boost playground events and possibly the rest of the team events just to speed things up. Gamer tag: BlackHoleFTW
  3. I was in a lap race yesterday in sister on and I was in first on the first lap and all of a sudden it said someone finished the race and it kept his points from that for the rest of the championship he ended up winning the whole thing because of that first race. Connection online is horrible and bordering on unplayable.
  4. I need to boost 4 player session and win one. I'm on now and most of the time. Gamer tag: BlackHoleFTW
  5. I've been playing this for a few weeks and nobody is ever online hmu to boost or play legit. Gamer tag: BlackHoleFTW
  6. I need someone to do online achievements with gamer tag BlackHoleFTW
  7. I've been hopping on these bitches like I'm mario cuz I thought there was an achievement for that again, oh well it was funny while it lasted and easy to do against bullymongs
  8. I need this achievement as well, I have dolls so I could get you that achievement, I would appreciate anyone who can help. Gamertag:BlackHoleFTW
  9. I need the completionist achievement and the coloseum but I have all the doll and i'm willing to help with that achievement if you help me. BlackHoleFTW
  10. Online now, doing pro tour races for the last tournament I need for my last achievement, if anybody wants to knock something out now is the time. BlackHoleFTW
  11. Need to boost multiplayer achievements, send me a message BlackHoleFTW
  12. Can anyone help me duplicate some bones to tame some wolfs or collect them, I will be on later this evening.
  13. I'm looking for someone to add to my friends list to get the score war achievement. Gamertag: BlackHoleFTW
  14. I need people to help for online achievments if anyone is interested message me. BlackHoleFTW
  15. I wanna boost the 2000 stars achievement, whos down. Gamertag: BlackHoleFTW
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