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  1. I’m looking to find two to finish chapters 3 & 4 on Intense. Add/message me. GR: PUNISHERXN7
  2. I agree. He just seems to fit right in. At first, I didn’t like the casting. I am very hopeful he can pull it off.
  3. Wrath of Man. Pretty standard, but definitely worth watching. 8/10
  4. Will there be any more content released. I find this game pretty good, but there’s a ton of wasted potential.
  5. Join us for GSL 2020 Duos! Link

  6. I should’ve just edited my first post, I wasn’t thinking. I’ll copy/paste this to the first post. Sorry about that. Sorry for the double post. I’m enjoying this game, but it can be so frustrating. ****Anyway, if anyone had been having a similar problem (it’s not technically a solution, more like a workaround). I must’ve closed the game/app 4 times and the same thing kept happening. Frustrating to say the least. After that, I just loaded the game for the 3rd maybe 4th time. Checked the football scores, logged on to here and 2 other gaming sites and just like that no more errors (fingers crossed). So far, no more issues. I love the GR series, that’s probably why I put up with all of this. Hopefully Ubi will fix/patch this incredibly annoying game. I hope y’all don’t have a similar problem. Good luck! Last night (Friday, 10-25) I received the “mountain” error at least twice. Looked it up, but I don’t have nor ever had an “early copy” or “early access” of/to the game. It stopped after a while. Tonight, I’m getting the “whalers” error. I don’t know what to do. Internet is fine, tried it on other games and haven’t lost connectivity. I am a very loyal Ubisoft customer, I don’t think this is up to your very high standards.
  7. I am a diehard Broncos, Rockies, Avs, LSU fan. And I’ve got a soft spot for UH. - Broncos, Rockies, Avs, Nuggets fan because I was born in Denver. - LSU Tigers fan, 5 of my family members went there. I’m a senior in BR, and it’s one of the greatest fan bases in sports (there are more, not trying to brag or fight). Plus this year WE CAN PASS, lol. Also, the best sports memory I have is the Tigers beating Ohio St. in 08. I really like and respect the Buckeyes. - UH fan, I spent my high school years going to their games for like $15.
  8. Hardcore. I hate the coach, OC, and DC for the Broncos. Still watching. Also, I LOVE John Elway and I want him gone. Same with the Rockies, I love the young players, and I know very few pitchers want to be in the thin air. For the right price though, one or two might come. The FO, management and owners refuse to trade for solid pitching prospects and they trade the wrong players. LeMahieu just hit .327, almost 200 hits and 26 HR’s. Had a good WAR considering he was on the Yankees.
  9. Hey. What’s up man? If anyone’s “absent” or whatever in your fantasy league, I’d be happy to take over.

  10. What up?! Been a while, what’s cookin?

  11. Can you change the POV? I’m getting used to it, but it feels awfully zoomed in for a 3rd person game.
  12. I played act 1 and 2 and a good part of act 3. All of a sudden, a stat/achievement shows up at the bottom right above the “social” RT button. It takes up a decent amount of space and, to me, is sorta distracting. I’ve gone through the setting, how do I turn this off? Thanks!
  13. I’m sure some have tried. Do they work? Any crazy side effects? Do they really help with focus? Also, do they make it hard to calm down or sleep? I’ve seen dozens of ads. Are the much different than the energy drinks you can buy at 7-11? Thanks Edit: Also, if you do like them, which brands are best!?
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