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  1. Discuss the achievements in this thread. They can be found HERE. Didn't see one created so thought I'd start this discussion thread. Zombie Horde Have 9 Raised Zombies at the same time. Any thoughts on how to do this? The starting gem lets you raise up to 3 zombies. Are there passives that raise it up to 9? Or do we need to get a specific weapon/object/etc. to do this?
  2. What do others think about this beta? I strongly disliked it and already uninstalled. The available maps were bad. And you move so slow. Not sure if it's because I'm spoiled by the fast pace of Titanfall, but I feel like I sprint for 3 steps here then drop back down to a slow walk. War mode is an interesting clone of Battlefield's objective game modes, but without the map design to support it. In BF, you have multiple avenues of attack at the objectives. Here, for example, on that bridge building part, you have to approach it in just one way. You need to clear off the enemies from the turrets fast enough or have someone with smoke grenades to support you. The maps are designed way too narrowly to support this game type. The other team is easily funneled for you. On top of that, I just didn't feel any "fun" factor from it. Maybe I'm done with CoD. At no point did I have fun. Sure, I killed some guys. Sure I got some double or triple kills. But it was just your standard CoD. Nothing special about it.
  3. Uh, I think clan recruitment is against the site rules here. Just FYI.
  4. It might be easier to note which ones do end in sex. Lol. The only ones I've seen end in sex are Liam and Peebee. I know Jaal does not. For this achievement: Teamwork 20 Create six strike teams or earn 25 assist medals in multiplayer mode. Any way to check the # of assist medals we've gotten so far? I can't find a stats page in-game. And can we earn multiple medals per game or is it just one per game? Edit: Thanks Pants! I'm an idiot. Apparently it's under Prestige -> Challenges -> Accomplishments -> Teamwork. I didn't look there thoroughly the first time because I didn't think assists were challenges. Was looks for a stats page with kills, deaths, assists, etc. instead. Lol.
  5. Not sure if this helps you, but I noticed my Remnant likes to stick close to me. To get it to attack the architect, I boosted as close as possible to an exposed leg and then directed the Remnant to attack it. Then I stayed in that area for a little while (to give Remnant time to get there and shoot). It sometimes doesn't shoot when the target is too far. I also assigned my Remnant to LB (rather than LB+RB) as it's easier to hit one button to assign it a target than to hit two buttons.
  6. Oh wow. I didn't realize there was a distinction. I'll need to pay attention to the Black Widow then. Thanks all! Yup, running as Infiltrator right now. I'll have to pay attention to the penetrating stuff as well. I've been ignoring that and waiting for enemies to pop out of cover.
  7. Yup, I meant the title was confirmed. Thought they might go with something other than just a number. Also interesting it's Destiny 2 and not Destiny II.
  8. Destiny 2 confirmed via Twitter: And rumored Gamestop pre-order bonus: http://imgur.com/a/gE6Ia
  9. Thanks for this! Seems like we can do a lot in Exhibition. I was having a hard time figuring out the Arena preferences one. Went through the Options menu, etc, etc, etc. multiple times. Got frustrated. Then I pulled up this guide. Lol.
  10. Took me a while to figure it out, too. Not a huge fan of the interface. There are also a lot of parts in the menu where I hit B thinking I was backing out of the selection I had picked, but it actually backs me out of the menu entirely.
  11. Is that the one that only fires one bullet then you have to reload? Does anyone know how to increase the bullets before reload? I used my skillpoints to increase the one that was supposed to give me more bullets in the clip, but it didn't affect the sniper. It hits like a truck, but I don't like the fact that you have to reload after each shot. If it doesn't kill with the first bullet, I'd like to finish them off quickly with a second one.
  12. I noticed the game starts to get laggy when I play it for too long. I was doing one mission and when I used the jumpjets, I could hear them activate, but my character on screen did not jump until 2 seconds later. Failed a jumping sequence multiple times because of this. Had to quit to Home screen and restart for it to go away.
  13. To answer my own question, in case anyone else was wondering -- the Xbox achievement tracker does not show progress for this one. I just got the achievement and at no point did it show progress. It just popped. OMG. I thought the max level was 40, just based on that achievement. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. Friendly Fire 10 Direct your Remnant VI to attack each type of Remnant enemy. (Single-Player) For this achievement, does the achievement tracker keep track of progress for anyone? I know I've directed my Remnant to attack at least 3 different enemies now, but when I check my progress, the bar doesn't go up like the one for, say, Mastermind.
  15. Glad it helped! It's huge time saver cuz it saved me from trekking around the map for attachments that I wouldn't even use.

  16. O.M.F.G. This game was made by first year videogame designers. I swear to God. It is so buggy. I'm fighting this creature (The Architect) and I beat it easily the first time. I reloaded the checkpoint to redo it (for achievement reasons) and it is buggy as F#%K. Its weak spots don't show up or when it does, the health bar doesn't show up so whenever I shoot, it takes no damage. I have to literally run around the map for 5 straight minutes waiting for the lag/bug to go away and for the weak spots to appear. This did not happen the first time. SO ANNOYING. EDIT: Dashboarded. Reloaded my save and did the encounter again. No bugs this time. So stupid. Wasted half hour of my time. There was also a side mission that was bugged. I was supposed to go somewhere and there were settlers I was supposed to talk to. I saw the marker, but there was no one there. Wouldn't let me hold Y to interact. Also dashboarded. When I loaded back in, there were people there. Lol.
  17. JESUS CHRIST. WTF is with these stupid checkpoints!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much repetition just because you die at the very end. I am so frustrated that I don't even bother killing adds anymore. If there is an objective (destroy 3 terminals), I just run past and go straight for the terminals. F them. Not liking the combat so far. 14 hours in. Feels clunky like Gears. I try to boost out of the way and get stuck on stupid shit like a tiny piece of a terminal that just happens to be jutting out. All my deaths are from stupid shit like this. EDIT: Something else I want to add. The fact that it's game over when you die is stupid when you have 2 squadmates right there. Why can we revive them, but they can't revive us? What kind of stupid logic is that?
  18. Two hours in. I don't feel hooked in. I'm keeping an open mind still, but damn the beginning is slow. And there are a few things that are not explained or are confusing. Like at the beginning, why does it let us hold Y to have a conversation with the folks in the cryo room, but they don't actually converse with us. They're already in mid conversation with another NPC and they just continue talking even when we hold Y. What's the point of even giving us the option of holding Y when we can hear them just fine just standing next to them?! Later on, holding Y actually lets us converse with our squadmates (as expected), but that whole beginning part in the cryo room was just weird. And why didn't they play any of those Andromedia Initiative videos at the beginning so we get a better sense of what's going on, for those who didn't watch the youtube videos that they released beforehand? Not everyone's going to know to look on that screen in the cryo room and inspect it to see what the Andromeda Initiative is all about. And how tf do I put on weapon attachments or mods that I pick up? I can see them in my inventory but there's no way to put them on?!?! It only has an option to "destroy" the mod. And who else was disappointed the first time they saw the first aliens? We are 200 (?) million light years, in a whole other galaxy, and the aliens are bipedals with 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth, AND (most stunningly to me) they also have guns that look exactly like ours?!?! WTF. I know it's a game and they need aliens that we can relate to, but this just shows a lack of creativity (or effort). Hmmm, should my impressions be in the bitching thread instead...? Oh well. I know I may sound mad, but these are just minor things and I AM still keeping an open mind that the game will pull me in eventually.
  19. I haven't been using sites for that, but in case you or other didn't know already: If the game says an attachment is in, say, Aqua Verde, go there and grab the white (!) intel. Press up on the D pad and the first intel will show you all skill points in that province. Grab another white (!) intel, press up on the D pad, and this time it will reveal all weapons and attachments in that province. Then pull up the map and just hover over each attachment icon. It will tell you which attachment you'll get by opening this weapon crate. Then find the one you want. I've been doing that to plan out my route. If there is an attachment for a weapon I don't even use, then I don't even bother going over there.
  20. Just got all my docs. The counter is glitchy. Don't pay attention to it. The cheeve popped for me and there were still 2 docs on the map for me. Just look on the map for each province and grab all the ones you see until the achievement unlocks.
  21. Yeah, you can do the whole thing in co-op for achievements. There are no difficulty achievements. You have to complete 3 co-op missions, but doesn't say how many people has to be with you.
  22. OH! Ok, that makes sense. Though now I'm worried if the earlier areas had an extra document that I hadn't picked up because I saw that the counter said 11/11 already.... They should've made it more clear if something you pick up is for Sandoval and that shouldn't count towards the counter (or they should've increased the denominator).
  23. So, I'm not sure if there's a problem with the counter or maybe it's just the region. I'm in Agua Verde. Game says I have 11/11 Kingslayer files. On the map, in this same region, there is another file. I remembered that one of the things I picked up was a Legend, but it caused the Kingslayer file counter to go up. Is that supposed to happen? Are Legends supposed to count as files, too? I'm not sure if I should pick up that 12th file. What if it causes my stats/counter to glitch out...?
  24. That's a good idea!!!!! I'll try that next time. It's the only multiplayer achievement I still need.
  25. I'm confused -- how exactly is it possible to boost for the breach charge achievement? Doesn't that have to be done in public matchmaking?
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