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  1. I need kills while downed and MP level achievements. In for the long haul so message me if you need someone to help.
  2. I want to set up some boosting sessions. I guess 6 to 8 total people, that way we don't get overloaded on who needs what. it really doesn't matter though. SO just add your name to this list and we will see what happens. 1. DISTURBEDone666 (me of course)
  3. Time Zone: Eastern USA Time online: Mon-Thurs Evenings, some weekends I'm not at home, but when I am I can mostly friday evenings/nights or sundays.
  4. I'm available Mon and Wed after 2. And Tues and Thurs after 6:30. If anyone needs help, let me know and i can be on after those times. It is all in the PM and it is U.S eastern time
  5. I am interested, I need demo man and et tu brute as well. Also need onslaught. But willing to help with Nam cheevos
  6. just add me and we can do whatever. DISTURBEDone666 is GT
  7. i am down, no one gave me a time and i had to work today. so whoever is down add me and i'll help
  8. if ya need some help i'm glad to do so...DISTURBEDone666 is GT
  9. If you need help i'm up for for toy box and deluge or on disc cheevos as well
  10. DISTURBEDone666...will help if needed. also needs 5 knifes and most of vietnam and onslaught hardcore
  11. sorry about being so late. yea I am interested in helping. Whenever you want is cool

  12. the way i did it is going to Episode 1 Chapter 5- Village Attack and killing the first Knight you see, autosaving then repeating. It worked for me
  13. i will help with the co-op and online cheevos. message or add me
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