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  1. [email protected]*king sponge. I have to admit I say that all the time. I also hear people say "I bodied him" alot
  2. I concider myself very good. Ill be on later if your looking cor team mates. Add me
  3. lol true, it was the title of the thread that got me. Raging so hard that they want to snap their disk for a small issue. IMO Gears of war 3 is a very good game, but frustrates the hell the out of me at times. but for most people in this forum complaining about it they know they love it deep down. between this game series and the fifa franchise, and maybe a bit of cod i have invested sooooooo much time of my life. thats how i know i love these games which is the reason people get to MAD and rage lol
  4. Hi guys, Normally I'm pretty good on simmed racing games but I find f1 games so hard. i remember the old ones on ps2 i was good at and i used to love the monaco gp on that, but this game to me is so difficult even on easy. ive picked lotus as my team. I was wondering if there is any tips anyoen can give for race setep. any help much appreiciated. thnaks.
  5. Don't play the games then. Don't come here bitching. Really makes me laugh, your getting so uptight about a tiny little thing aobut not registering events. boo woo. get over it. your carrying on like its wrecked the entire game for you. kind of pathetic
  6. Hi guys, I am looking for a boosting partner. Hopefully from UK or atleast English speaking with a mic. I'll be online tonight to go through a few cheevos. Around 5pm BST. Im 26 and normal lol Please add Unreal Skill 85 See ya later. Cheers
  7. LMAO. The Gears of War game cam out 7 months ago, if you don't have the ROI ribbon enough times TOUGH. What a condtradicting ahole!
  8. I myself haven't noticed a change in recent weeks. Gears of war is always inconsistent. I live in the UK and I have to shoot French, German, Polish, Spanish 1 or 2 shots more with the shotty to put them down. Infact the Polish are near on impossible to down. You must just be getting unlucky connections my man.
  9. Concidering I already have 3 of the new characters i feel ripped off again. Also i dont like elements interfering with gameplay on gears. Especiallly dont like the sound of not being to see in front of you because of snow the whole game on raven down that sounds shit
  10. Going to be doing insane campaign for rest of day, please join and help as and when, its an open public game with mutators set to infinite ammo and super reload. GT - Unreal Skill 85
  11. Exactly what I'm trying to say. Also It drives me mad when im in a game and a guy is lagging around. Just ruins the game
  12. To OP. Why don't you just play the game against people instead of trying to boost your rank in a dumbass kind of way. I made it to level 100 pretty much only playing verses KOTH against real people. Stop rage quitting when you get owned and try to improve on the game then you will get more exp consistently. I use the hammerburst and its very funny when rage quitters send me hate mail talking crap about modded pads. I must have a quick trigger finger. Anyway Fix up son
  13. Hey guys, I'd like to attempt Beast on Insane but really need help with it, is there any tactics that make this easier? I really want to nail it. Experienced players would be great. I am a lvl 100 from only playing quick online matches and now id like to to rounding up horde, beast and campaigne bits. please add unreal skill 85 or enter add your name to the list below. anytime today would be great. 1. Unreal Skill 85 2. 3. 4. 5.
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