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  1. I'd say it's worth it. It's my personal AOTY. Think of it less as OPM with Psychic Powers and more just a coming-of-age story with fight scenes as a catalyst for character exploration. Going into it with that mentality is what I'd recommend because at its core, that's what it is -- it's about the characters. Not to mention it looks incredible. It's been adapted pretty much perfectly so far, and I have virtually no complaints about it. Though as much as I tend to stress to not associate it with Single Hit Dude, it pretty much has the same staff as the show and I feel like it's animated so well in part because they feel that they have to give both of ONE's works the full treatment after OPM's overnight success, since otherwise it wouldn't be "living up to its predecessor."
  2. How many episodes did you watch anyway? I'd recommend at least 3 episodes to see what it's going for and then dropping it if nothing hooks you.
  3. You know since we're talking about what we're watching, I'm going to just get it out there. Anyone else here actually watching Mob Psycho this season? I'm honestly in love with it and I'd recommend it to basically anybody.
  4. Ah, yes, I see. I too, go outside occasionally when it's to talk about anime with other nerds and purchase light novels of Steins;Gate - SAO Edition.
  5. Wow, that was so cool and totally something that happened. The part where you smirked after exposing Souma in all its predictable glory was so badass! I aspire to be more like you one day Jake.
  6. Yeah, it's pretty good. Some good reaction images from it, girls are cute, and that's all that matters when it comes to these types of shows. Aoba best meme. http://i.imgur.com/5tJHhRi.png I really hate Nene's voice though. I just want to strangle her half the time she's speaking.
  7. I honestly still can't believe that scene. She spent like 10 minutes basically saying she loves him and Subaru replies with that. That's gotta hurt for anyone that's rooting for her. Also this. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAWVsnChHhY[/ame]
  8. why am i still here

  9. I've been pretty mixed on Re:Zero from the very start honestly. On one side, I'm glad he isn't the type to be "weak initially, but has latent superpowers that will awaken under the right circumstances eventually" types of protagonists, and it's not as if his stupidity and reactions to things aren't entirely unrealistic. He's been in a lot of really fucked up situations and has had to experience death in a lot of really awful ways, so he copes with it by putting up that facade where he retains his (really annoying) otaku personality. The thing about Subaru is I understand why he acts the way he does, but it still doesn't make it any less painful to watch him shamble through each new dilemma. He both simultaneously makes and breaks the series to me, because he's interesting/different enough to distinguish him from other protagonists, but I also hate his fucking guts. Also Rem is overrated garbage and Emilia is trash. Leave the blue maid-fucking and the Megumin fetishism to Fire Emblem and Konosuba, Crusch is the only girl worth paying attention to. ;')
  10. Damn, ESM got banned? smh Not even sure what to think of Kiznaiver. It seems okay so far, but it's still been fairly uneventful. I just hope it doesn't suffer from 1-cour syndrome where 13 episodes is too little to get viewers invested in the characters and establish a plot in a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise it looks really nice visually. Trigger has some really talented animators and they put a lot of work into this. It's a shame it's going to completely bomb in sales regardless of whether it ends up being good or not. That's my prediction.
  11. Man if it's really that bad then it's gonna be even worse in the anime considering the snail's pace the anime has been going at so far. I also thought the third act wasn't too bad so far. Does it get worse after chapter 37? [spoiler=vague]Apart from it being inherently less interesting now that the killer is already revealed at least.
  12. It does sound kind of cool, actually. Never heard of it. The premise almost sounds like a set-up for some melodramatic bullshit and I just hope it doesn't get too shitty about that if it does. Mari Okada doing the script doesn't make me feel very confident about it not going in that direction because drama is pretty much all she does.
  13. I'm 90% certain every time something stupid showed up I shit all over it. Then again that was like 2 years ago so I don't remember very clearly. I think Crazy might have been the person you're thinking of.
  14. That Kill la Kill was bad? I thought it was okay. The plot was awful but it's not what you watch it for anyways. Tried to be Gurren Lagann but usually failed. Probably the last actually decent thing Trigger made and they probably will make for a while. To begin with the whole "KLK is saving anime" bullshit was just something people spouted because it was the "hype show" of the season. People say that every time a show like that comes along, I think it also happened with OPM but it wasn't big as it was with KLK.
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