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  1. Great job... on half of it, anyway. Still, helpful to know at least WHAT I'm looking for, if not WHERE. Can't look a gift horse in the mouth, I guess.
  2. Thanks, I'll go grab "Limelight" now! Yeah, I've seen my Queens of the Stone Age pop up in the random setlists, that's what spawned the topic. Thanks again!
  3. On the level where you have to get to 3m, I seriously got 3m,0cm,1mm and got the 100 points. I was just curious how close everyone else has gotten because there's, regrettably, no leaderboard for this kind of thing.
  4. I like Sherman because he is a snowman.
  5. That's brilliant. I was thinking how it sucks that -- at least I don't think you can -- you can't use the Eternal mode to get this achievement, but you're right. That would make this MUCH easier. Thanks, buddy.
  6. I'd like to see some kind of in-game effects board, where -- maybe as in-game unlockables -- you can change the effects on the guitar, adding reverb, fuzz, delay, or give the guitar an acoustic sound... Or -- get THIS -- maybe simulating the sounds of certain guitars... like how "Paranoid" would sound if played on a Rickenbacker 12-string or -- dare I say it? -- a Danelectro Coral Electric Sitar! I understand that would entail hella licensing difficulties, but a 12-string effect and/or a sitar effect would still be possible without that licensing. Oh, and axe the Axe advertisements, please. EDIT: Also, I'm apparently a senior member... God, I feel old!
  7. Do you have to play the DLC in Endless Setlist or is it just the main tracks + the bonus songs? Because I'm holding off on buying some because I know how difficult it's going to be on Expert for me (i.e. Rush or Metallica). Thanks for the help in advance.
  8. Yeah, the presents look different, like the mask for Sherman looks like a snowman's face, but Prince's mask looks like the King. But the only point where it makes a difference is collecting the Prince in Egg School. If you play as Marcy on that level, you add the Prince to your collection. Otherwise, there's no difference.
  9. Wh-wh-WHAA!?!? lol... Hail, Hail to the old-schoolers who still give a crap about a high score. ...that being said, I haven't been able to 120 a single level.
  10. @JBong6: The handcuffs are in the Seadome level. As you're facing the entrance to the TV studio (it sometimes starts you off here), head to the right and it's on the right-hand side of the building out in the street. The curved toy train track (or whatever it's called) is in the Oasis Cafe level, I believe, under the table in the shop. Just follow the blue track until it bends. Also, whoever was talking about Wings 2-3-4, the Ostrich Egg, it is in the Oasis Cafe level behind the drum kit, NOT on a table. Just head straight out of the shop you start in and the drum kit will be on your left. @xelloss: CONFIRMATION: Hot 1-3-2 is indeed the bathhouse and is located next to the Buddha statue by the dam on the Dynaville level. You have to be pretty large to grab it, so Eternal Mode is the best way to get it.
  11. Got 100%, thanks for all the help for anyone who did so. Special thanks to Zoop, whose 100 pt guides helped out a LOT for this! Industry: 1-2-1 FOUND! I had already found this smokestack, think it's near the bathhouse in Dynaville by the Big Buddha. Houses: 2-3-2, 2-3-3 FOUND! Seadome, next to high school. Houses: 4-3-2 FOUND! Log Cabin, Cloud 9, at the campsite next to port-a-pottys. This seems to be the only level I have a hard time with (it's the only one that I haven't unlocked Eternal for), but I got it on Time Trials with 1 meter left, and I imagine that's the easiest way to grab it if you don't have eternal mode. Partitions: 2-2-2 FOUND! Seadome, after hitting 3m, go up to the school yard and hop on the train tracks... at first crossing, head left and there are several wooden walls on the side of the road. Games: 2-2-3 FOUND! Shogi Board, Oasis Cafe, there's about half a dozen next to the Shogi Table in the shop where you start out, which for some reason I already have. Don't know how I missed these. Luggage: 1-3-1 FOUND! I got this paper bag in the burger shop on the Oasis Cafe level. I got big in Eternal mode in the candy shop, left and had to collect most of the stuff in the burger shop before I could pick it up. It's diagonal in the corner near the bar/counter where the people are sitting. Art: 1-1-2 FOUND! Bear Cub Statue, Cloud 9, next to a building across from the circus tent, next to the carp streamers. Cleaning: 1-2-2 FOUND! Seadome, leaning up against wall in TV studio near the Power Rangers / Evil Tiger.
  12. I need friend requests or msges (over Live please) if we're going to do this stuff. The only ones have been Draco and Jonny. If you could give me some info on your time zone that would help as well. I'm in Eastern US (GMT-5) and Draco's in Mountain US (which I think is GMT-7).
  13. Man, this is going to take a long time. You've got to complete like 75% of the game at LEAST three times... and since I didn't get any ally achievements on my first try, that means FOUR times. I like the game, but I've barely played COD4, I haven't finished Halo 3, I haven't played Half Life 2 Episode 2... not to mention that the missus always wants to play Rock Band... and the list just keeps going.
  14. Worst game ever? Get outta here, this game RULES. Thanks for the video link, whoever.
  15. I thought the guide was horrible, but it's helped out in a few spots. Frankly, you'd probably be best off just getting a good FAQ. I got the Prima Guide and it sucks. I hate the layout of it, for starters.
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