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  1. Here are the Solutions made by me =) (I hope it's not to complicated for you guys. Couldn't do some pictures yet.) Kn = Knight Pw = Pawn Rk = Rook Bsh = Bishop Qu = Queen Kg = King Puzzle 01: 1. Kn3D to 2F / 2. Rk5H to 5F / 3. Qu2C to 4E (Checkmate!) Puzzle 02: 1. Bsh4G to 8C / 2. Qu1H to 8A (Checkmate!) Puzzle 03: 1. Qu6F to 5F / 2. Qu5F to 3H (Checkmate!) Puzzle 04: 1. Kg4H to 4G / 2. Qu2C to 5F (Checkmate!) Puzzle 05: 1. Qu1E to 1B / 2. Rk4H to 4A (Checkmate!) Puzzle 06: 1. Rk4D to 1D / 2. Qu5B to 2E (Checkmate!) Puzzle 07: 1. Bsh3F to 4E / 2. Qu4G to 2E (Checkmate!) Puzzle 08: 1. Pw3G to 4G / 2. Qu7D to 7E (Checkmate!) Puzzle 09: 1. Bsh1F to 3H / 2. Bsh3H to 7D (Checkmate!) Puzzle 10: 1. Qu2H to 5H / 2. Qu5H to 3F (Checkmate!) Puzzle 11: 1. Qu6A to 3A / 2. Qu3A to 5C (Checkmate!) Puzzle 12: 1. Rk2H to 6H / 2. Pw6G to 7G (Checkmate!) I hope they were helpful! Thank you <3
  2. I got a question, does the Rock Band-, DJ Hero 2 or Lips microphone work in this game? Or do I have to buy the game with 2 mics? thanks
  3. Alright, there are a few tricks to get much DJP. 1. You'll get a bonus for each winstreak: That means if you'll win 3times in a row, you will get 30 points for the winstreak. (10 winstreak is the max. which means, if you'll win 11times a row, you only get 100 points) However, but you need "luck" to hold these streaks. Why luck? If someone is quitting while in the song, you'll lose your streak and the bad thing is, they mostly quit. And if you'll leave, the streak's also gone which makes actually sense. =P That's the reason why you shouldn't quit, because it's definitely not fair to the other players There's also one important thing about holding the streak: If you'll find a player, DON'T leave the lobby, because the streak is away if you'll find someone then leaving the lobby. 2. You'll get an 100% bonus. Iff you 100% one song on Expert, you'll get an bonus DJP of 50 (medium is 20 so far I know) - Grandmaster flash / The message >< Jungle Boogie - is one easy song to 100% on Expert (and it's short 3:15) I always play in accumulator mode. And 3. If you have an boost partner, choice an Powerboard and play the mode powerboard, choice an easy song you can FC on Expert and you'll get ALOT of DJP for FC a song on Expert (alyways 50 DJP) and for the winstreakes (10+20+30+40+50+60+70+80+90+100+100+100 etc) I hope these tricks, were helpful. Thank you =D <3
  4. Ok one other thing: did you guys used the powerdecks? I never used one before unlocking this achievement. Ive got 350/350 stars on quickplay and 325/325 empire mode. And make sure you really played them ALL on expert. Btw, why is everyone quitting online? I hate that, cause you'll lose your win streak when someone's quitting!
  5. I played all songs in empire mode, then the rest in quickplay which arent in the empire mode
  6. I dont know whats your problem with unlocking the 5star on all mixes on exp achievement. I had no problem, anyways. I am currently rank 28 on xl and got 915gs. Still missing 3achievement: All mixes vocal, 5hero feed games and reaching lv 50. Actually pretty easy game to get 1000, it just takes a bit to reach rank 50, but thats it
  7. Oh ok, my bad. This leaderboard is not really good, because im rank 1 in megamix ibiza opennight of 5600 players?! And the game's new, so i guess my scoe in galvanize actually sucks
  8. I dont know how its called in english and im really not sure if its an secret achievement. the grandmixer - beat qbert in all his battle mixes in Empire mode. Btw third Try and scored 1.755.788 in galvanize And atm rank 4 Sry, stupid iphone hah :-))
  9. Hey guys, i just figured out how to get this achievement sooo easy. Just play any level you need and then play it until you reached the last checkpoint, it doesen't matter how much you'll dying, just play it to the last checkpoint. If you never died till the last checkpoint, don't use this trick, cause it only makes sense if you'll dying before the last checkpoint. Now when you reached the last checkpoint, press Start>open Xbox Guide>go to the Xbox dashboard by pressing Y>Start the game again>on the Menu of the game, click Continue level> and then just finish the level! If you finished the level, it will say 0 deaths on the screen and it counts! So just use this trick if you're stucked on a hard level, it will save you alot of time, especially for the beginners ;-) I hope this thread is helpful =) Thx <3<3
  10. I played TTFAF more then I could ever count =P Seriously, the parts in TTFAF are way more easier then BWoLP or FoTs. It's maby harder to FC because of 3 Parts in the song
  11. If you have 2100 Stars, why should I be at rank 200 with 6'500 stars? o_o
  12. If you got all Light, Health and Shadow gem, then it's like you're playing on Knight on the first run. There's actually no different to me. It's not that hard =)
  13. I disagree. Well, maby TDWDTG was one of the harder one to fc, but TTFAF is way easier then these songs. I FC Raining Blood on GH3, also in Smash hits. I got 918k on TTFAF with 99% and on FoTs and BwoLP still 98%.
  14. I really enjoyed this Game warriors of rock, especially the songs *-* but... How about an Guitar Hero with only metal songs? The playlist will be like: Metal list Heavy Metal list Harmonic Metal Death Metal Viking Metal etc.. Who agrees with me? =)
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