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  1. Congratulations!

    Hydro Thunder Hurricane [Roadmap] has been processed and published by Guide Team Staff member TemporalWizard.

    Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread. We look forward to your future submissions! Thank you!

  2. Finally got Low Scorer on play 1485. I've made it to Olmec collecting 0 gold several times but i always get screwed over by either collecting a hidden gem on the way down, getting stunned on his final hit (not sure what causes this sometimes) or one of the many other many ways the game finds to kill you. This time I was very fortunate to get a Jetpack from a psychic presense level. I made it to Olmec with 12 bombs and i blew a safe path straight to the bottom while Olmec waited in the corner. Took me about 400 attempts after I finished my first hell run to get this done but I've honestly been having so much fun I'l probably still be playing this game for a long time to come.
  3. It'd be nice if anyone had any helpful tips on how to do this. I can't seem to get the input right whenever I try to replicate the ladder jump yet I jump off ladders all the time just pressing A to drop off the damn things.
  4. First speedrun I actually completed was 56:23. Then the day after I managed sub 50 barely with 49:59. I watched a couple WR runs and adapted some of their strategies. Four runs later I wound up with a time of 32:57 and I had several time costly errors. My splits were as follows. World 2 - 3:07 World 3 - 9:41 World 4 - 14:47 World 6 - 22:21 World 5 - 27:25 World 1 - 32:57 It seems I could save much more time if I could get that ladder jump to shorten a few puzzle solutions but I only seem to get them done when I DON'T want a ladder jump. This game is very fun to Speed Run so by those intimidated by the 45:00 mark just get your first run over with and then practise a few shortcut strategies. It's also good to practise the other Speed Run levels until you can get under the target time. With a few good strategies and a little persistence, sub 45 is completely possible.
  5. I've noticed this too during some of my Low Scorer/Speedlunky runs. If the passage you are using for the quick strat is too narrow sometimes Olmec will stun you on his last hit before he falls into the lava. There were no enemies to hit me and stun me im sure and I fired a rope on my last jump too so I really can't see any other cause. One time so far I got really lucky and managed to grab the side of Olmecs head, after being stunned, as he was sinking into the lava and made it out of the pit in time.
  6. It'd be nice if someone completed the secret areas thread. It would be immensely useful for those looking to complete insane solo mode or just to find the secret levels. I know you find them in the levels with the one eyed red birds but some levels i can't for the life of me locate the secret exits.
  7. Looking to trade with any player. Feel free to add me.
  8. You can land on the very very edge of a spike block without dying. It might take a few tries to get exactly on the edge but unless you're doing a finale or going for A+ this shouldn't matter as you're not being times anyways. I know this may be considered cheating by some but its helped me skip a few parts of some of the harder sections as well as grab a few more gems and yarn easier than normal. Just thought i'd share.
  9. It turns out my last melee attack for the achievement was a low kick. I had to land several in order for it to be deemed successful it seems. Try doing it again and again as the games definition of successfull seems to be a bit spotty.
  10. In the stats screen it shows how many times you've landed an attack/been attacked. I was browsing through it and it tracks all the melee attacks listed as well as Horse Kick. Not sure if that counts towards it or not but ty looking at your stats screen and see what you're missing. For some reason my low kick count is 0 even though i've landed several low kicks so the tracker might just be a bit buggy.
  11. Just found one of the secret achievements Secret Finder 10g in level 3-9. Theres a secret level portal to find somewhere
  12. The achievements don't seem too hard although you have to play through normal and insane mode in both single player and coop . Theres some online too like win 100 arena matches which are short but will still take time. The only other one i can see that could be time consuming would be freeing all the prisoners as there seems to be a lot of them.
  13. Its great! If you've played the PDA games from Alien Hominid this game is essentially built off that but with much more! The gameplay is simple and fun but theres also some pretty challenging levels and a hardcore mode. The humor in this game is great too the narrators very amusing. I would recommend to anyone who loved castle crashers. The animations are great too!
  14. This is for Fiona's campaign. In order to get to the grinding spot you must have beaten Golobolus and have access to the Wraith cave as well as the Spider Cloak artifact. This is suggested for after beating the campaign so Fiona is level 9 or 10 and your base units are level 5. Random encounters in the cave will pit you up against a level 6-10 enemy with level 5 units, a level 5 Vampire and a level 5 Ghost. Since you have the Spider Cloak equipped all of your units will outclass the enemies units and can even destroy charging Vampires and Ghosts. Summoning a level 2 or higher champion unit pretty much guarantees a win so just focus on building champion units and then build as many walls/attack units as you can. At level 6 the ai is a joke and will waste turns while level 10 you have to be on guard a little. Each battle will net you 460-560 xp and most battles you can win without trying. I managed to get all of my units to level 5 within a couple hours using this method. I hope this helps shorten the grind for some of you. Happy achievement hunting
  15. Still need the 2v2 online achievement. I've already got two others so just need one more person.
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