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  1. I've been away from my console for too long -- this page is great, lets me know what to save my points for (or buy new ones). Thanks!
  2. Great list! I often pick up older, cheap titles at a pawn shop, so it's good to know which ones I'll never be able to complete! And I agree with Goblin93 -- I hate the idea of them shutting down servers to games. I UNDERSTAND why they do it, I just hate the idea. Now, if the game is a few years old and not played, fine, but EA (especially) seems to shut stuff off pretty darn quick.
  3. Darn -- I had never really thought of stacking achievement points... Should have read this thread when my sister still lived in England!
  4. Thanks for all the good advice and suggestions... I think I'll wait a few more months before I look at upgrading -- not that I play a lot of games on PC, but would like the bugs to be worked out first.
  5. I just saw that Happy Wars was free... but is it online play only, or does it have local player, too? And thanks for the great list! Found another game on here I didn't even know about!
  6. Got some good stuff off of here -- I keep forgetting to check back on this forum though, so missed some of it.
  7. With all the games I've sold and bought on eBay, I find that people (myself included) feel the lister is hiding something by not showing a pic of the actual item itself. Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather buy from someone who isn't too lazy to spend 60 seconds taking a photo with their smartphone to prove the product isn't all beat up.
  8. I have a ton -- both Arcade and Retail. Need a vacation to just sit and catch up, but there is always something new I'd rather play! lol
  9. I might actually get this when it comes out, rather than waiting -- looks like a great reason to dust off my Kinect (I've left the dust on for Kinect Fun Labs).
  10. Yeah -- would be nice to get Trip Hawkin's idea of the 3DO made into a reality -- one game system with all games on it. Play Sonic, Mario, Zelda, Halo, Little Big Planet, etc. all on one system... awesomeness! (And that's nothing to say with the extra avatar toys we'd get to have. lol)
  11. I agree. The idea of Fun Labs was experimentation and fun. Not profit. If they want to make a full-fledged game out of something they made, then 240 is a good price. But for something I can't even DEMO? Ridiculous. If they're all gonna be this way from now on, there will be a large drop in downloads for KFL.
  12. I fully agree. I used to be a gym-rat. 3-5 hours a day, at least 5 days a week. After a couple of accidents, it is physically very hard for me to work out like I used to, but the few times I've played the Kinect exercise "games", I've gotten a pretty good workout. I'll have to see if I can regain my old consistency and try them out. ANY movement is better than none, whether it be the stairs vs. elevator, or jumping around in front of the TV vs. sitting on the couch. Just stick with it!
  13. I got one like that while playing Halo 3. I'm not an avid online player, but a friend was over, and we actually did well. I took SECOND place in the match, and the guy who took first just kept berating us over and over for cheating because he only got 17 more kills then I did. Makes me wonder about some people's sanity...


    "I was kind of hoping they would keep them all free (although let me assure you I didn't assume they would) as a way of enticing people into getting Kinect. ie "hey look at all this free stuff you can get - if only you had a Kinect, right?" I fully agree with the above -- I've actually had a couple of friends complain because they couldn't try these out, especially since they were free. Sparkler looks kinda neat, but as I really haven't gotten any money's worth out of the other Kinect Labs "apps", I doubt I'll buy this one unless it really impresses me or I have lots of points laying around.
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