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    onii chan if you want to know more about me all you need to do is ask :3
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    vidya gaems, tewhew, taking long walks on the beach all that jazz
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    Professional 360 no scopez guy

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  1. Congratulations!

    Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed [Guide & Roadmap] has been processed and published by Guide Team Staff member Skorpion XBA.

    Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread. We look forward to your future submissions! Thank you!

  2. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-08-13-xbox-one-controller-will-be-compatible-with-pcs-next-year Pretty dissapointing news. Won't be able to play Super ultra street fighter 4 with a sexy new pad until next year. Hopefully by the time they configure it we won't be having to use batteries.
  3. Hey there would one of you kind souls mind telling me if the xbox one controller comes with a usb wire? I've browsed multiple shops which tell me nothing and multiple news articles. Some say you get a pad with nothing others say you get a usb wire.This is very important to me as i only like wired pads and would really love to be able to use it with my pc as xbox pads are perfect for emulation and such. Thanks~
  4. Seeing as how the roster is definitely confirmed to go to 6 right now and we all know it's going up to 8 do we think there will be a goty edition around christmas? I mean shit ultimate street fighter offers 4 rehashed characters from sfxt and 1 actual built up character and some dlc outfits. Injustice offers eight. EIGHT. Throw in some actual good music for the game, (worst fighting game music not just this year but of all time) a few more stages and get rid of bruce wayne rehash "oh but its nighttime now" map and then give us the dlc costumes and we have a winner.
  5. On the bright side you know characters are going to get buffs or supermans getting some nerfs now. You can't have superman win every year that would be anti hype. They'll deal with it you watch.
  6. Sexual. Release it please it would look good besides my wiiu
  7. I'd say the reason people call it an xbox360.5 is because everything neat about the xbox was scrapped because of their shitty explanation of drm. I'm sure if steam does it well then xbox could too but it all went so wrong. And now all we have left is a new xbox with a camera which the 360 had. I guess as the generations go on some people will just find it harder and harder to justify the move to the new gen. £430 isn't cheap and if they feel comfy with the 360 and it still possibly gets support for years to come like the ps2 did but with online what's the point of changing?
  8. You bloody plonkers the console isn't due out for months when it gets closer to the date you'll see a drop of £49.99 to £39.99. If i remember correctly wasn't 360 games about £45-50 when it was first released? Possibly testing the waters. If people buy the games at a higher price that will become the standard if you say fuck that and nobody buys them it'll go straight back down now stop worrying eh. But then again this only affects day one buyers. The only thing I'm getting day 1 is that absolutely sexy pad. That's gonna be a right beauty for my pc and it's emulated games
  9. I blame the company not the people. When you give freebies to 10 kids with phones and millions of us will never get anything. Whats the fucking point of making it. Did they sign some contract with the phone company so they could make us buy them for a fucking skin?
  10. Goddamn felt like i was watching ninja gaiden that looks sexy as fuck. I just pray it doesn't get boring as fast at lollipop chainsaw did.
  11. Leaving ranked alone is for the best. Unless you like fighting Deathstroke/ Sinestro spammers who always pick the justice league stage with the floating bots. It's that bad.
  12. So now Zod has been announced how long until they announce season pass number 2? Let the guessing game commence.
  13. Why was it revealed on this conan show. Was it because it's releasing with the movie soon so their doing some smart advertising? I mean Zod and a flaming c skin premiering on a comedy just seems strange.
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