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  1. SO bought the croft edition and everything was purchased/downloaded with the single code inside the case but the skill pack is not showing purchased/downloaded. Anyone else getting this?
  2. looking to boost mp xp with nade launcher xideathpr00fix Os in proof are zeros
  3. Anyone get their code yet??? I played it all day on release day and haven't gotten the code yet.
  4. If I clear a mission on challenging will it go towards the progress for the hard achieve?
  5. Title says it all. Please message me or fr me if you can dupe the modded xp and life regeneration gems for me
  6. DeathPr00f

    Alpha codes

    So I put in my code the day wolfenstein came out and still have the confirmation email for it but I still don't have my alpha code in my email. Anyone get their code yet?? If you did what is the email address it was sent from.
  7. still don't see this in the store on my xbox one. is it delayed again????
  8. Aren't we getting all the pre-order dlcs from all platforms if we get the pass because of the problems the game had at launch?
  9. I got the same thing for the collectors dlcs but nothing popped up for gz?? what do you get for gz anyway?
  10. been trying to get my gz save on tpp before I start and the servers are down. Anyone know when they will be online again?
  11. Just finished the game and under the achievements app the days of futures past achieve says complete unlocking.... But it hasn't unlocked!! This is the only achieve that I need to complete the game and it's bugged!!!
  12. looking for partner to do all achieves for all season 2 characters that can be done in versus. I am not doing 200 matches or titles. Just 6 different characters, instinct, supreme, and vs friend cheevs xideathpr00fix Os in proof are zeros
  13. cant wait for her. been waiting to play something other than my lvl 50 orchid and 50 sadira...
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