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  1. They should of made them alternatives from the characters instead of taking up slots, just like why have 3 narutos and 3 sasukes. The gameplay and story looks good and better, but that doesnt give them an excuse to be lazy making the roster. Because once people beat story mode its all about online and we dont wanna get bored of using the same characters over and over. Just my opinion, CC2 listens about some parts like making madara god-like and making slow characters faster with speed buffs. but we want more characters lol were greedy we want edo kages and 4 sound ninja and kushina would be nice. It'd be so awesome if they gave the 1st hokage his sage mode
  2. why the hell do we have 2 gaaras, 2 killer bees, 2 itachis, and 2 fucking chojis???? cc2 i swear you guys are like epic games messing up promising one thing and then turning around and doing something else.. for christ sake the ceo in the interview said pts characters wont be returning... lazy asses copy and pasting half your roster -__- now i can complain all i want but the funny thing is im still buying it day1 now i love itachi so having two of him didnt bother me. But two chojis!!? really waste of a slot. And instead of pts characters they could have put the 7 Ninja Swordsmen, but im hoping on the theory that the bottom left blue icon is the secret playable characters i really hope thats the case.
  3. The title isnt unlocking for me or my friend, we've done multiple playthrough and gotten the weapons as rewards and alchemy and yet it doesnt unlock help plz.
  4. Lookin to start up a boostin group for the online cheevos, hit me up and let me kno y ur addin.
  5. It is not possible to create Sieghart with the weapon types Knuckles, Gun, and Breakers. Only Leonis is able to have them.
  6. Im rockin Leonis Sieghart Ellis (Digest) Dyshana (Digest) Mila Chaos party is lvl 300+
  7. Ive pretty much almost have the game complete i just dont kno how to get this title. Can someone help??
  8. I would never. Its just i saw pics about using combined skills for 1ap so i was curious i guess it isnt true then
  9. Does anyone kno how to add combination attacks as default skills that only cost 1 AP? If you do plz add me to msg me GT: Blaze CBT or post. Thanks. ^_^
  10. Gears of war and Halo competitively when your the only doing something on the team... ive gone through 2 controllers and an xbox due to my raging =(. ive gotten more mellow nowadays(stopped caring).
  11. Im on my second playthrough do i have to use the woman i want for my son to be great??
  12. I played on normal and i wanna do another playthrough on normal will my stats and weps/items still be there if i do the second playthrough??
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