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  1. It does seem that blops 2 is weighted more toward SMGs, but I think that part of that is the maps. Also, and I like using them, but pistols seem a little OP in this game.
  2. I also think that the executioner is the worst gun, I don't know why they just didn't include some kind of normal magnum.
  3. Jesus, that's going to be nearly impossible for people to get now. I tried for weeks before I found out about the trick.
  4. Has anyone ever said they suck and then their stats show that they're actually pretty decent? lol. I'd love to see that . . . and I wish I could say it myself, but it would just be an honest statement that I'm a BK
  5. What they need to do is figure out how to give credit for doing most the work on capturing an objective but dying right before it's done. Like maybe the whole time you're in the area with the meter building you're also receiving points in addition to the capture bonus. So even if you don't get it, your score shows that you've been working. If you die but teammates finish the capture, you still get the bonus if you built up at least 75% of the meter.
  6. My main issue with it is that it's only available on one "map". If I were to tweak it though, I would: allow for bots to add more zombies Increase your health every time you die in succession as a zombie, almost like becoming as strong as in each wave in regular mode, with the chance to spawn as a special zombie. Reduce the attack range of zombies turn off one hit kills for both human (depending on weapon and headshots of course) and zombie
  7. Take an elevator up? can you ride on top of them? I was going to try that but my friend insisted that he tried and it didn't work, lol. Damn it, I will give that a shot. Thanks!
  8. I was able to figure out how to make the flinger with two people, but is there a way to do it solo? I feel like this map punishes you for not having four players. I can understand being limited on the Easter egg, but you should be able to traverse the whole map solo. Am I missing something here? It seems like you need to make the flinger in the first area (impossible to do alone by my findings so far), then go down the elevator shaft and jump over to the power building to turn it on, then I'm assuming you can flinger back. I haven't really had a chance to explore the area with the dragon sign so I don't know how you get back from there yet. Anyway, if any of you have figured out how to do it solo please post about it. Thanks.
  9. Just unlocked 7 day survivor! Thanks again!
  10. This is fantastic. I'm finally getting around to trying to knock out some straggler achievements for dead rising, and this tool is a god send. I was surprised to find it still online and available given its been a few years since its inception. Oh, and it works perfectly on iPad in case anyone is wondering. I never thought I'd be able to do this mode, but with this tool and a megabuster I'm liking my odds. I'm holding up above the picnic area in leisure park on day 1 still, might be here for a while. I just hope the power doesn't go out, knock on wood! Thanks hoddans! Oh, and here is the current link for the tool: http://hoddans.com/tool/drsurvival/
  11. I agree that it makes the most sense that the "canonical ending" is blowing up panchea with nobody surviving . . . plus it's the only one cassan seems to approve of
  12. in windmill's apartment, in his bathroom next to the toilet are three sea shells . . . reference to demolition man
  13. I also registered just to say thanks to jeppeboy for this guide. I just happened to be browsing the forum and saw this thread about a mission I'd never heard of, and I got the S ending already, lol. It also just so happened that I was at the right part of the game to take advantage of this. I didn't even know about the secret door/mission! I had just saved at 4:05 am day 3 and was able to pick up the 3 gambling magazines, get the whores out of the pool, beat the poker players, and grab stuart from out front of atlantica with 12 game minutes to spare before giving katey zombrex. then when I left the safe house to grab the saw & plates, WWJD & bank run popped up. I was still able to activate the TIOD door despite having those missions on my list. I wasn't expecting to get the Data Miner achievement, that was a nice little bonus. And I also grabbed the unique outfit in their hideout. I'm definitely referencing this thread for part 2! thanks again!
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