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  1. It can be done in a private lobby but it has to be 24 human players. It can`t be done with AI unfortunately.
  2. Session has been created for the faction vs faction achievement. Join if you need it done and are free to do so. http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/the-crew-xbox-one/showSession-4669
  3. Correct me if wrong but i remember reading somewhere about turning your tv colour all the way down, to black and white. This will make the roads "glow", if not discovered, it will be grey... Like i said, i can`t remember where and who i read it from but it was easy after testing it. Good luck.
  4. Still having problems? Send me a message and ill help you take her down!
  5. VileBabas

    360 News

    Giggling like a little girl right now!
  6. I think of it more like an old VW beetle, sure, it could be a cool ride but not for me. Plus, "nothing" touches the R34 GTR. By, the way, i prefer my Skyline stock.
  7. Damn it, that`s what i was doing wrong... Honestly tho, maybe, just maybe i would enjoy it but the fact that there is nothing appealing to me about it wont`t help...
  8. Played the beta and fell asleep... Not a game for me.
  9. I was interested in this until i noticed the price!!!! Fuck no! To be honest, this game could never touch the original Grid!
  10. According to a lot of forums, Titanfall is the reason for the cloud meltdown... Some of us don`t even wanna play the bloody game so why should we get penalized for it??!! Anyway, there is life outside the box, i think....
  11. Microsoft are aware and working on it...apparently... http://support.xbox.com/en-CA/xbox-live-status
  12. I am playing on thief difficulty (medium??), so i guess that makes sense. Thanks anyway.
  13. Ummm, that`s strange, mine are 18g either way... The price is the same regardless. Are you using the "shop" marker on the map or am i missing something?? I am going for all collectibles anyway but it was worth a shot...
  14. You need two ai cars as well as your friend for the medals to count, then yes, your friend can "leave" and you can force start after every 10 heats. By the way, go into advanced options and change end of race timer to 5 seconds, it all helps.
  15. Awesome stuff! I am curious to find out who`s the dude you have a "bromance" with, he`s clearly a Fifa GOD compared to your puny basic skill... Anyway, keep up the good work and i`ll see you on the pitch!
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