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  1. I know for this I need to finish a stage with the "A" bar full. Any suggestion as to which stage would be easiest? I'm been trying on Stage VII
  2. If you're doing your insanity run, I found the best squadmates to be Javik (Dark channel is RIDICULOUS) and Vega. They almost never die on me.
  3. If your character doesn't have overload, just play a couple online matches. Easy achievement.
  4. Glad you decided to join!
  5. Hyena


    I'm Dane. Achievement whore and Zoologist... When I'm not out with animals, I'm playing. Prepare to see me on here a lot lol --Dane.
  6. Lastly, remember that the achievement pops when the level ends, NOT right after the turret scene...
  7. I LOVE this game. No jippiness felt...
  8. When it says "finish on highest rank", it doesn't mean your overall ending grade. While playing in arcade/score attack, you see a progress bar for c, b, and a at the top left. You need to finish the level while that bar is on A and maxed out. S isn't the highest ending rank, anyway. There's an S+ lol
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