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  1. Thanks brother. I managed to connect this morning. Apparently there were issues with XBL or the servers for the past few days.
  2. I am using 2 accounts/consoles and trying to join the other account with no luck. Are the servers down? I'm mainly after the viral achievement which is on my dummy account. Thanks
  3. I am about to start on this game and in two minds whether to import my old save or start off fresh. What are your thoughts and recommendations? Thanks
  4. Apologies for the noobish post. I am a mac user who recently picked up a Win 10 powered laptop mainly for gaming. I have two XBL accounts that i use and one of them has a bit of funds in it. Is there anyway to buy games on that account and play them on the other? I am aware of the gifting feature but that does not work with Telltale games 7 their season passes. I can only gift one episode. Thanks in advance for the assist & have a awesome week ahead.
  5. How did you get it to pop. Having similar issues with Windpipe.
  6. I had the same problem this afternoon on my XB1 Disc Version of the game. I guess they didn't bother to patch it.
  7. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  8. Question for those who have the physical disc based game? Is MW Remastered a DL Code? Is the Disc needed? Thanks
  9. Thank You. Will post as well. The developer has been buying time by promising to fix and done nothing. Lately he has changed his tune and claims that he has no time to fix it as he is working hard on his new game.... and blames Microsoft.
  10. Developer is blaming it on MSFT This is his response to a lady on twitter. Apparently his twitter got hacked a day later. [email protected][bracket]‏ @bracket_games Zach Sanford If by #scam you mean "has done everything he can and isn't getting a response from Microsoft anymore" then sure. enjoy that. Several of us have contacted MSFT support and they claim that the developer has taken no initiative to fix the broken achievements at all. They insist its a coding issue and has nothing to do with them.
  11. Its worth a shot but don't get your hopes up. Please let us know if it works for you.
  12. Hope you get it to work. Please keep us posted as I might not buy this just yet. Too many bad experiences lately with Gone Home and Three Fourths Home ..Similar bugs and devs dont care.
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