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  1. How did you check the stats? I only see the QB. And it doesn't show you crap when you look at My Superstar.
  2. http://slickdeals.net/f/7184838-destiny-in-game-codes?v=1
  3. I can confirm this. I played the two levels/modes that I had 0's on and voila, it popped. Good luck everyone. Kind of crap that you have to spend more time getting achievements you should already have.
  4. Double check the new "levels" on progression stats or whatever it is called. I' m going back through trying to get Lagoon Attrition and Corporate Last Titan Standing. I'm certain I've played both of those because I have the other achievements... haha but noticed that the progression on the new update says I've never played either map and game mode. Whatever!
  5. Trying to get the achievement as well. If you can tell me if I set it up correctly let me know. Then if you use it, let me know so I can thank you and/or return the favor if you're hunting for it as well. Search by creator, brilliant joey Many thanks in advance to all of you.
  6. I'd love to get: Top Of The Heap Metropolis Lord of Carcassonne Send me a message if interested. I can return the favor. I used to be rather good at this game... 7 years ago. But after college, work, marriage, becoming a father, to now... I forget. Forgive me. brilliant joey
  7. I'm trying to get the extinction achievements for both the 360 and One. If you can help, that'd be great. I haven't even touched the extinction piece of the game yet, but I'm sure it can't be all that difficult. GT: brilliant joey Thanks!!
  8. Hello everyone. I'd like to acquire the Extinction achievements on both the 360 and One. Hit me up and let's get the party started. Thanks, Joey
  9. You definitely have to look at his gun and just press X when it tells you to.
  10. How about activity level within the community? I post as ambassador and on their forms quite a bit...
  11. I won the console and Forza 5. 6 years tenure 96k gamerscore ~350 games
  12. http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/parking-mania/5e110e07-0bc2-4356-97bf-2dcd6e9719fc I got it for a buck opposed to $2.99!
  13. I've message a couple folks about completing this. I'll be home in about four hours and would like to knock these out in one go. Anyone up for it? Message me directly on Xbox: brilliant joey
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