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  1. All specimen fish still elude me with the exception of the Catfish. It feels like the game is doing it on purpose. Current bests: Tench - 8lb 15oz (99% achievement completion) < are you kidding me?! Bream - 9lb 11oz (97%) Carp - 29lb (96%) Roach 2lb 8oz (83%)
  2. Cheers for the advice, I've now caught a total of 1 catfish, but it was a Boss Fish weighing 68lbs
  3. Can anyone help with catching catfish? I've caught over 100 fish, but no cats yet. And none of the baits available are jumping out at me as cat baits... Any help much appreciated.
  4. Thankfully the answer is that I'm an idiot... Apparently there is a hidden zip line going back the other way, at the top of the stairs, to the right of the ladder out of the sewer.
  5. I have come across a problem, and I cannot find a solution online. Either I'm a complete idiot, or it is a game breaking bug... Hopefully it's the former. I am currently in New Repugia, but I did not activate the quest 'Sadie's Speakeady Deliveries' quest, nor 'Blob's Speakesdy Deleveries' quest, and therefore do not have the password to enter the Speakeady in the West of the sewer. And I can't find a way to get back to Sadie's or Blob's Speakeasy, as the rope in the sewer you cross with the Pararoh appears to be one way (east to west). I also cannot get the Grubbin Elder to give me the 'Let's make a Deal' quest, probably because I have missed some of the earlier quests... So, I believe that unless I can get back to the east side of the sewer somehow, then I can't progress, will have to start over. Does anyone know if this is possible, or have I found a game breaking big? Cheers guys.
  6. When I loaded the game last night I had 5 usable treasure maps waiting for me - maybe fixed? PS they are pretty awesome for getting gold and I managed about 7 gems from 3 maps so far (not sure if that's good or not), and 4-5 keys.
  7. When I loaded the game up last night I had 5 treasure maps waiting for me, and I could use them. Thinking the bug might be fixed now?
  8. This is very true. And very frustrating... Anyway, I have the same glitches as you guys - must have missed out on 10+ scrolls by now... Do we know how long the challenges stay active, as I've had some simply disappear and be replaced with new ones before I had the opportunity to complete them. Just hoping the glitches ones will disappear soon as well!
  9. Cheers Pants, you are correct. 50% XP boost and 25% soul boost. Unfortunately, Xbox live wasn't working last night, so will try and purchase again tonight!
  10. Is that the first/cheapest bundle? (I think it's £3.99 here) I did have my eye on that one, but it wasn't clear what benefits the armour had that came with it. Can you tell without buying it?
  11. Yeah, it's pretty addictive... I don't usually go for free to play stuff, but considering buying something as I've spent countless hours on this and it hasn't cost anything so far. Also planning to go for the full 1000, so armour that gives XP bonus is going to save me a lot of time in the long run... But the developers really need to fix the scroll issue first!
  12. Maybe it's fixed then? Certainly last night it was still broken... Lost about 6 or so scrolls so far... I hope they give them back, but I doubt they will...
  13. Make up your mind. Either it's 'always online', or it isn't. OT, yes, it is extremely frustrating that the achievement tracker isn't working for this game... Hoping it will be released in a patch at some point!
  14. I have pretty much breezed through the campaign, until I got the the final mission, which is quite frankly ridiculous. In no way do I feel prepared for this battle, and that in order to beat it, I would probably need to start the entire game from day 1 to develop my characters properly. Anyone else have the same problem? Any tips at all to beat this with NO Caberjack class heroes? I only have Trickshooters, Boomstrikers and Alchemists... All armour and weapon upgrades have been completed, so I have the choice of all of those. Any help appreciated as I feel this part of the game is particularly unfair based on the rest of the campaign. PS if anyone can explain the ressurection and how it works in this battle it would be very helpful also.
  15. Less than 300 needed now... Starting to feel like the journey is nearly over... (Between 2 - 2.5 weeks by my reckoning)
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