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  1. I can help with the new achievements if anyone needs help GT Freddy1 Krueger
  2. Did you get this done if you need someone to join you in the safe house for this I will help you
  3. This sums up everything wrong with BO3 exactly
  4. Yes it froze on me many times. Had to skip that mission and do the other missions whilst on my second playthrough for accolades. Until I found the solution for New World online
  5. Well I never had too I restared it many times from the safehouse whilst doing the last accolades I needed and the mission I played before that was Life
  6. Not true you can start New World from the safehouse and as long as you watch all the cut sceens it won't freeze
  7. This works everytime. Don't skip any cutscenes including the one at the start worked for me
  8. Yeah same for me. Annoying because I'm redoing the single player for the accolades
  9. Upcoming? Double XP has been running for over 24 hrs already
  10. When I had to restart that mission. As soon as I landed I killed the enemies right in front of me then went to the right to find cover. Then when I died I just respawned in the corner area
  11. Really starting to get fed up of 7 vs 5 multiplayer lobbies and people boosting. Spawns are awful get kill by a player then spawn right in front of him to get killed again.
  12. Already a bitching thread http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=631992
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