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  1. Has anyone figured out how to change the difficulty of the challenges such as Escort Duty? I have completed it about 3 times now and unlocked nothing.
  2. Some people like myself enjoy seeing how many views / comments they have on the forums / guides / posts they have made on forums. And also some people like myself post on many different forums at once. Instead of having to search for the game / forum name and then searching for your post I just would like to make the suggestion of adding to everyones profile a little box. Maybe called "My Posts" or "Recent Posts". Something along the nature of this Would be very very helpfull so we can keep track of what and where we post and how many people are taking interest in our subjects. Ty
  3. In your opinion what was the most heartbreaking gamebreaking glitch for you?
  4. Use this thread in order to find other players to play Co-op mode with. Please specify if it's for achievement reasons or for fun. _____________
  5. Havent been on in a while but thanks for all the comments This was my first guide lol. And thanks for the video Isp
  6. Im no pro but I have been playing since the release of SC 1.. I can perform almost every just / combo strings. If you dont know tech speak i.e ivy - 3214391B+G its very simple to learn ^_^ Confident enough to teach- Cervantes ( Shura ), Yoshimitsu, Nightmare ( Kamikiramusi ) Ivy, Amy ( Scheherazade ), Siegfried, Astaroth ( Ashlotte ) I do know about 4 others but it im not confident enough to fully be able to teach how to tech efficiently GT = A Muslim Fluffy, just send me a message. Must have a mic!
  7. So how many people in sacramento goin to the midnight launch? I know I am ! This achievement whore must get 1k this week for it !
  8. Im defending the village from balvs after you become ruler.The problem is all the enemies are dead but the combat music continues to play. There are no enemies anywhere and the main guy isnt jumping down. Someone wanna join my game and see if they can help? plz have a mic.
  9. Sry ive been goin 13 hours straight.. and for this to happen now.. im not in a great mood.
  10. It is ugly.. both me and my friend have personally shot all the dead bodies.. incinerated them and so forth. I just need the boss guy to jump down but nope just combat music..
  11. HMMMM except for the fact that the game saved while i was in the middle of the quest meaning i spawn in to combat music and a bunch of dead enemies.
  12. every corner , every house , and even up in the trees. The problem is that the head balv that is supposed to jump down is somehow glitched somewhere and not jumping down. Its very annoying and makes me want to stop playing.
  13. Spoilers vvv So im on the defend village from balverines mission when ur ruling..."get the stone statue" I kill all the balverines and the village is defended... no more enemys anywhere to be found but the combat music keeps playing and i cant fast travel or go anywhere. Going to sanc does nothing and neither does having another person join. Going to a different area isnt an option either. Sooo do i have to start my entire game over? The quest is glitched... MAJOR FAIL!!!:mad::mad::mad::uzi:
  14. Is anyone just starting the game or partially in and want help? Im very bored.
  15. So your saying im spamming my own post....Im just giving common courtousy to thank people for their additions to it and for the bumps.
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