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  1. Level 30 (29 dz) loads of gold weapons/armour lf players to do daily mission, challenge modes and dz boss farming. On most days. Gt demon00uk
  2. Just saw that on twitch Makes sense, I had over 200 from farming the other day. Still crap though.
  3. I'll be on Monday if you are, was doing this Friday managed 3 golds :-)
  4. Farm Poe level 28. Get 4-6 for most runs
  5. I think there actually is. You have to complete a nightfall situated on the dreadnaught
  6. Haha I don't think I'm a badass just don't get why you're on here moaning about everyone when you don't seem to be contributing much to the teams your on.. As for your three of coin average statement, they were nerfed after the first week due to the draksis farming method. Read the weekly update more then the destiny defence team won't have to come after you.
  7. "Average is 4-5 coins", where'd you get that stat?? People can never be pleased, you get an item that INCREASES your chance at an exotic drop and your complaining at 1 in 12 strikes.. Before I was grinding for the hopscotch pilgrim and did over 250 strikes and got 1 exotic so your doing quite well. You have this attitude on here that there's a big conspiracy aimed towards you whether it be poor iron banner team mates or rng. I find it quite amusing, looking at your stats your not the best at pvp so they're probably saying the same about you and rng is rng, I'm sure you'll have a good week soon and these forums won't have to hear about how you've been "blessed with the worse rng in destiny"
  8. I think you should give up pvp dude, you don't seem to be enjoying it.
  9. Yeh we struggled to kill the ads on first attempt but got our strat and easily done it after. I think because everyone was saying how hard it was I jumped on the hype train.
  10. Hey I hope you're not on about me! Haha we had a bad strat then got it first time. All in all 3 runs it took, people on bungie forums have been at it for 10 hours!?? Wtf!
  11. Two teams of 3 match up in skirmish get it in 2 mins... So easy
  12. You can still get the above.. I personally prefer tripod with grenades and horseshoes over clown cartridge though.
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