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  1. If people get to the centre people could join them and teleport from anomaly to their location
  2. Hi, Like the new website, when you add a game to my collection where do you now find that list?
  3. I've been using this site for many years, and the achievement guides i usually use to help me choose what game next to play. Back in the 360 days you would be hard pressed to find a game with out a guide, these days day though i don't find many with guides, i'm just wondering what happened, did the site lose all the people who used to create them? I have to now use the ps trophies site for a guide. I'm not talking obscure games either call of duty, fallout 76, steep, trackmania. I use this site daily so not moaning just wondering whats happened.
  4. Looking to do online achievements GT: lxl Mouse lxl
  5. When i was completing the races i got the achievement for completing them all with about 3 left to do. Now i'm on championships i've noticed each championship complete gives just over 4% now that would mean there is only 24/25 championships that will need doing for the achievement,when in total there is 27. Lower Plateau Trail championship did not give any % towards the achievement.(so far the only 1 i can confirm) Has anyone else noticed this? Edit: When i completed the next championship it doubled the % towards the achievement.
  6. Anyone else raced in every vehicle and not had this unlock? Got it, it seems i hate using hoover craft that much i must quit out every time i use it.
  7. I always get it, go back to main menu, come back into game usually fixes it for me.
  8. Looking to boost the online achievements and the pro clubs achievements. GT: lxl Mouse lxl
  9. Looking to get the last zombies DLC Apocalypse achievments. Message me gt: lxl Mouse lxl
  10. Looking to get The Quick and Everyone Else... and Go team Message me GT: lxl Mouse lxl
  11. Looking to flip the map twice. Also need the riot achievement. Prefer players with a mic for coordination.
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