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  1. I'm glad people agree Although, I'm not saying good graphics isn't a bad thing haha
  2. I'm just wondering, how important graphics are in an arcade type game (Like Xbox Live Arcade).
  3. Thanks for the help I don't have a USB 3.0 hard drive so I have to re-download and install everything But my profile pic is back on the home screen so that's a good sign I think it has something to do with your profile not syncing properly.
  4. Thanks for this, because I have a very slow internet, I don't really want to have to re-download all my games and DLC as it would take days. Is there anyway I could put it on an external drive or anything?
  5. I was defiantly online at the time, I tried deleting local saves and getting the cloud one but nothing seems to work :/
  6. Yeah, I tried two profiles, neither unlocked when they should have. Yeah, but I thought someone on here might have a solution as it's achievement related Just tried it and it didn't work either
  7. Ever since the new update, I haven't been able to unlock any Xbox One achievements, but still can on Xbox 360. I've tried multiple games disc and download,another account and restarting the system (Without 'Instant on' option on) but nothing seems to work. I've notice that in the top left corner my gamerpicture isn't showing and is just a black square, I'm wondering if the profile is slightly corrupt or something. Anyways, anybody else have this problem? If so have you fixed it and how would you go about fixing it? I've contacted Xbox support but they just told me to put a post on Xbox forum.
  8. I don't know what triggers it buy, I'm on my first save and I can't seem to unlock any achievements Not even the one for start a save in slot 2!
  9. The first pack I opened I got the achievement for opening 20 packs
  10. I've finished the game and as far as I'm aware you can't.
  11. Midnight release (Deiced this before the online delay) for Xbox 360 and PS3 and also day one if (Likely) it comes out on PC.
  12. Anybody know what happened to the achievements on the website??? http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/grand-theft-auto-v/achievements/ "Could not find any achievements for this game" Is what it says for me.
  13. Thanks a lot for the reply that is good to know that I can buy it used.
  14. That bounty one looks like it will be a really fun achievement. The platinum one seems like a fun challenge!
  15. Like a lot of people I was going to play multiplayer with my fellow GTAers but since you have to wait two weeks I guess I'm going to get it at midnight and fucking rinse the campaign (Hope to have finished it by Thursday) and then just go around getting the rest of the single-player achievements and free roaming while I wait for multiplayer.
  16. Here are the secret achievements for GTA 5! http://i.imgur.com/h5vll3t.png Google is your friend.
  17. Love birds can't be gain from chapter select if you didn't free the bird in your play through.
  18. Never mind I was just being stupid.
  19. If I buy the FINAL FANTASY® XI: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition off Steam for PC what would I then have to buy to play the 360 Version? Is it just the disc? Do I have to re-get the expansions for the Xbox version? If I buy the PC version can I get the Xbox 360 one used?
  20. Has anyone actually been able to play their free Fable 3? Like the other guy I've downloaded twice and it didn't work either time.
  21. Grab a bike and explore and do jumps!
  22. BTW if you didn't see the thread the secret achievements are the two below. Also two achievements are glitched Skull Dude and Golden Boy and can't be obtained (The way they're is supposed to be) Fashionista 10:gsicon: Got dressed in a matching outfit set Skull Dude 20:gsicon: Collected all skulls around the world
  23. Yea I know I now got all gold medals and all skulls and no achievements
  24. Apparently there are 2 glitched achievements :'( Get all golds and get every Skull. If anyone has done either of these can you confirm it. I can 100% confirm they are glitched
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