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  1. I spent a good chunk of my Sunday grinding out all but a few side missions and encounters. Today I signed in to wrap up the remaining items and all of the missions and encounters has returned. Progress on my unlocked safe houses has saved fine, so it's not like nothing was saved. It looks like the Echos from the Missing Persons side quests were saved, but each part of those Side Missions appears on the map (clustered together) such that I can select parts one through five.
  2. A lot people swear by the 'Getting the Band Back Together' method. [spoiler=aSpoiler]Replay the mission until you go to recruit the drummer. While bouncing on one of the drums, use a weapon of choice (or simply slam) to keep killing the OD that spawn. I played a lot of Chaos Squad with randoms trying to get the multiplayer achievements, the final OD defense missions on high chaos provide a good amount of OD (not to mention, it's one of the fastest ways to level your weaponry).
  3. Wow, really?! That's fantastic, but a bit odd. I remember them mentioning that the original would be delisted. Apologies for misinformation, that's pretty great.
  4. To future readers, I don't believe there is a point where you can get stuck like this. Energy gates pave the way to collectible items like ability cells, they never block actual game progression.
  5. Ori and the Blind Forest does not support cross-buy nor cross-play, but the achievement list is shared between them. The only reasons for purchasing a Windows 10 copy is just to own it on another platform, or to support Moon Studios for their work. The original version of the game was delisted in favor of the Definitive Edition. If you did not purchase the original copy of the game prior to release of the new version, you will not be able to unlock the original 1000 gamerscore (only the 1250 provided with the Definitive Edition).
  6. But of course! It certainly wouldn't be any fun if no one could join the club!
  7. I make no promises! I'll have to give it some thought, I didn't expect this to be a perk of subscribing. I'm leaning towards Master Chief Collection and Rare Replay... maybe add Ezio Collection (still need to play) for maximum tears.
  8. I suppose I missed the window for a Subscriber club, it looks like they're being phased out. I didn't even know they were available at three-months, I always assumed it was a yearly-sub item or something along those lines. I'll get that 2000 points in Maximum Clubs eventually.
  9. I felt that it was time to give back to the site. Plus, my username doesn't match my tag any more! I hope the administration truly appreciates all of the hard-working voluntary staff who work around the clock to keep this powerhouse running. I know this subscription doesn't influence you at all, but it was all of you who influenced me. Happy holidays to all of you and your families. Best wishes.
  10. Hey there, first-time green here! Happy to be subscriber finally after all of these years. I changed my tag recently (for the first time too!) to Yin and would love to get my username changed to be more appropriate. Unfortunately, the username Yin is already taken on the site; but it has no activity on it since its registration at the end of 2013. If it's possible to procure that username, that would be incredible. But I'm well aware that there are limitations, and I'd be perfectly happy with 'Xbox Yin' if it isn't too much trouble! Thank you very much!
  11. For those looking to get their money fastest, the nine guns that give you the most money once you sell them are as follows (starting with the highest): Hydra (Shotgun) | $26,500 S&W M500 (Magnum) | $25,250 M93R (Handgun) | $24,500 S75 (Rifle) | $22,700 Jail Breaker (Shotgun) | $21,650 M92F (Handgun) | $21,450 H&K P8 (Handgun) | $21,400 SIG P226 (Handgun) | $20,650 S&W M29 (Magnum) | $19,900 Start by duplicating the most expensive weapon that you have. Continue upgrading another gun and add that to your duplicate run, similar to how you would if you started with a single rotten egg (to go to two, then four, eight, etc). Focus on the guns listed above, as they offer the most value when you go to sell them. With the nine weapons listed above, each "run" will net you $204,000. Plus selling your weapons gives you ammo (if they're loaded), so any friends who are just starting the game never run out of ammo.
  12. It's not necessary for the achievement itself, but I imagine that you'll be leveling a number of cards to their maximum over the time it takes to max your classes. You missed the recently patched exploit surrounding the Team Revives with Turrets; that was the fastest way to level your individual classes. That has since been patched. Currently, there isn't a "fastest way" and I don't think anyone is really cutting through the weeds on really determining what the best way of leveling is. I've heard that running waves 1-10 on casual/normal is the fastest because there are no active poisons, but I have also read that going all of the wave 50 (on the hardest difficulty you can manage) is the best because the experience you receive increases the higher you go. As for class experience, you only receive experience based on the wave completion, ribbons, and consecutive waves. Bounties do not play any part in the leveling of your classes, unfortunately. Each class takes ~200,000 class experience to hit the max level. You're in for a long ride.
  13. You have to win a versus match as the last player standing on your team. I believe this can be done in any mode, but it's probably easiest in Warzone or Execution. When you're the last player alive, you'll have to clutch it for the win.
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