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  1. yea I got this too, very odd how it doesn't recognise voice commands for the UK locale XD
  2. I'd say yes as am in London Thursday, but doing an install till about half 7. When's the latest you'd need to know by, sir?
  3. eviltb

    How to start the DLC

    Good times. What with the extended play option, should be able to load into the game at last save then travel back and do the DLC on easy, then start a new game and bust out the story on UN!
  4. Anyones GPS not quite working as it should? I installed yesterday and started GPS, the moment I checked in it said I'd walked 7993 metres and despite checking in at work then at home (about 15 miles) and back again, the counter hasnt moved!!
  5. Then buy this game, cause its out even though you cant search for it on the marketplace itself XD http://wpsuperfanboy.com/news.php?post_id=508 QR scan code jobby thing.
  6. Hi,


    Just wondering if you are willing to vouch for someone trying to get rep status for the site. No worries if you are busy, I was just told I had to track someone down on my own who is willing.



  7. *arm twists* ok ok jeez you dont have to go that far! You know Im always up for appearing on camera testing new games out, Im sure I can bring along an equally enthusiastic accomplice
  8. Little suprised this hasnt been stickied yet, its a good guide.
  9. all the details on the season pass and weapon skins are nicely laid out here. Basically the pass doesnt have to be a 'day one' purchase, unless you're like "OMFGEPICCHARGINGMEFORSKINSWAAAAAAARGHMYFRIENDSHAVESKINSBUTIDONTNOWICANTBEINCLANCOZWEWONTLOOKTHESAME!!!!!!!!!!1234567890" *ahem* anyway, so yea save your bones and buy it later.
  10. Thanks dude, feels good to finally get over this hump! And hey look, I made a post
  11. if its the same one I got stuck on, its in the second part of the level and its located outside. Before the door to the hair-salon at the end of the corridor, theres a jedi icon. Cut through the wall then hit the switch which will raise the window. Fly out with R2 or a Fett or Bane and grab the kit!
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