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  1. Add me I’m down to play horde
  2. Hey Guys just wondering if anyone can give me any tips or help with a proble:I’m having. The interceptor achievement for getting 20 total killstreaks while playing as an interceptor ship is stuck at 100% and is remaining locked on my achievement tracker. I’ve tried many options but nothing works. It’s been over a day now and I’m just really bothered by it 😕 any help is greatly appreciated
  3. I have been having the same problems as you, and I have the interceptor achievement 100% complete and it won’t pop for me. It’s been over a day now and none of the trackers are progressing very well if at all : (
  4. Does anyone here know or can find out when the hotfix is coming to xbox one? They patched PC and PS4 and said the xbox update will be soon and that was weeks ago now.... ive tried contacting the devs through twitter and wherever i could but withoit any replies.does anyone have any info?? The update is supposed to be fixing the crashing and memory leak issues as well as the glitching on top of houses
  5. GT: CORPSIE19 I've never won anything before , please luck be on my side!! : )
  6. Love this game. They have my full support. So what if it had issues at launch. Every game does.at least they are fixing it . Double xp all weekend? Count me in
  7. GT: Corpsie19 Game: Prey You guys are awesome. Only achievement site I've ever used for both keeping track of my achievements and latest news. Keep it up : )
  8. I just got this a couple days ago. You need to have beaten every side missions and every encounter for the collectibles to show up on your map. You probably can't pick it up cause you already have it. Just finish every possible mission and then see what happens
  9. Ok thanks I had a couple more raider attacks this evening so I guess they aren't completely gone yet. In my other game I have almost 80 dwellers and I get only deathclaw attacks. It's a total nightmare. I had 4 in less then an hour. I gave up on that one lol
  10. Anyone know when these stop coming? I have 41 dwellers now and I'm only getting ghoul attacks instead of the Raiders. Thanks in advance : )
  11. Good to hear man congrats on the unlock thats one to be proud of : )
  12. Man that's shifty. Only thing I can think of is where the servers were so fucked over the weekend it may not of counted what you did. Give it a couple days and if nothing happens you should try to get in contact with The Coalition and tell them. I would lose my shit if that happened to me. Hope it gets resolved soon for you. Keep us posted
  13. whats your gamer tag for boosting on Star Wars

  14. Ok I see it now. Sorry I just didn't fully understand it. Nice find man : )
  15. How is this a glitch? Not trying to sound rude I just don't understand. Everyone kills themselves in the beginning and the scout picks up their money?
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